Our Family

Meet my family! Since I am dishing about our lovely life as a family of three, I suppose you should know a little bit about us.....

Who: The blogger Ashley, her fabulous husband Will, and their amazing baby Hudson

Location: Sweet Home Alabama

Ages: Will & Ashley were born in the rad '80's, and Baby Hudson was born in August of '09

How they met: It was College Karaoke Night at a local restaurant, and Ashley and Will both happened to be there, thanks to a mutual friend. The night began with friendly hello's, and ended with the two of them singing a rousing rendition of Ice Ice Baby for all their friends. How could they not fall in love?

First Date: May 14, 2003. Will impressed Ashley with a date to Turtle Point Yacht & Country Club, to enjoy a delicious dinner of pasta on a warm summer evening. Only later did Ashley discover that Will had charged the meal to his dad. How Romantic!

Married: July 2, 2005. An evening wedding in the most beautiful setting....the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Ashley's hometown. Five Bridesmaids, Six Groomsmen, Wonderful Family, and lots of love.

Honeymoon & Travels: Ashley and Will honeymooned in the tropical West Indies paradise of St. Lucia, where they enjoyed gourmet meals, beachside massages, horse back rides through the blue ocean water, rainforest hikes, and days filled with sun, sand, and smiles. They have visited the Big Apple twice, first to celebrate their engagement at the Four Seasons and to subsequently explore the most wonderful city in the world, and again in 2007 to check out all of the fabulous art and culture that NYC has to offer. They took a romantic getaway to Savannah, Georgia, where they fed their foodie side, and got in touch with centuries-old history. They have frequented beaches in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia where the sound of waves lapping against the shore mixed with the smell of coconut oil always seems to melt their cares away. Most recently they visited the Yucatan, Cozumel, and Chicxulub, Mexico, where they enjoyed learning about ancient Mayan civilizations, lying on the white sand, and swimming in the Caribbean Sea. Before they met, Ashley spent a wealth of summer days in Italy, and Will vacationed in France and England. Someday they would love to explore Europe together. 

Education & Careers: Will studied Business at Reindhardt College and the University of North Alabama. He serves as Vice President of SBS Electric Supply Company. Ashley graduated from the University of North Alabama in 2004 with a B.S. in Political Science and Business Management. She also earned (half!) of an MBA....and is currently a very happy stay at home Mommy to little Hudson.

Pets: They rescued two dogs in 2003: Lulu who they think is a Husky/Lab mix, and Kota who they think is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. Neither Will nor Ashley are cat people, and both admit that the dogs got a lot more attention before Hudson was born.

Baby: Hudson Gregory was born on August 12, 2009, after a long, hot summer. Ashley was on bed rest for about 2 months leading up to Hudson's birth, due to pregnancy induced hypertension. She delivered him without the aid of any pain medication, and although the labor and delivery did not happen the way she had planned (no epidural?!? what???), today Ashley knows that she wouldn't change a thing about the way their precious baby entered this world.

Downtime: The three love to spend time outside, whether it's strolling the neighborhood or exploring the beauty of their town. Will loves making their lawn and landscaping beautiful, and playing with the dogs. Ashley loves being an amateur photographer. Hudson likes to learn all about his surroundings with his very loving Mommy and super fun Daddy.

Nicknames: Will & Ashley have the same nickname for each other: Swoop. As for Hudson...it's Buddy or Punkie or SweetPea or Muffin or Rumple....etc. Yeah, that's too many nicknames, they know. But he's just a little guy, they've got plenty of time to narrow it down!


Anonymous said...

your so pretty! and your family of three is adorable!...have a great life !!!

Kevin & Ashley said...

Your family is GORGEOUS! And I hope to be a super cute stylish mom like you! You always look so great! And cute pups! I'm so jealous you went to St. Lucia...my husband and I were going there on our honeymoon however I left my passport at the marriage office...and we had to change our plans and head out to Jamaica... Have a good day!

Ashley Sloan

Anonymous said...

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my goodness, hadn't seen this page yet. SO precious! You guys are all so beautiful, I just love it!

And I love the story of how you two met. And look how adorable you guys were even back then. So precious. :)

j.shriner designs said...

You. Are. Awesome.

Kathleen said...

love stories are the best kind of stories :)

Ny. said...

how do I follow this blog??? I can't find the button!

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! You have a beautiful family!