Here are some frequently asked questions:

\\ You always go the coolest places! Where do you live?
We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the great United States-- Alabama! Our home is near rivers, lakes, mountains, and caves....yet, we're not too far from Memphis, Nashville, and Birmingham. We have so much natural beauty, right outside our back door.

\\ Are those eyelashes for realz??
Yes. No falsies here. Thanks.

\\ What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5100. And I love it.

\\ What have you learned from your marriage?
Through seven years of marriage to my best friend, I have learned so much. But I think that the most important things are this: I have learned that gratitude is important. Will makes me feel grateful everyday, and in turn, he is grateful for the things I do for him. I have also learned to pick my battles. Marriage is a delicate balance of two people that, at times, can think and feel very differently. We don't fight too often, but when we do, we usually try to fight fair.

\\ How did you get into blog design? You always have the cutest page. What program do you use, photoshop or something else?
Web and graphic design is something I truly love. I took a couple of html courses in college, but other than that, I have taught myself how to create web elements and pages. I frequently change the look of my blog, because I have so much fun recreating it. I mostly use photoshop to create the graphics you see on my page.

\\You introduced me to The Civil Wars (thanks!!), so any other bands I should be listening out for?
I love music of all kinds! Regina Spektor is a favorite of mine (always!), and I am currently obsessed with the band fun.

\\ What inspires you to wear such great outfits, all while being a Mommy?
I believe that feeling good about yourself is important...and there is nothing that makes me feel better than wearing a fun outfit that I love. It's easy to dress cute on a budget, and it's important to take a time-out from the standard comfy Mama's uniform of yoga pants and big t-shirts.

\\ You guys have so much adventure...I'm just curious to know if you have lazy days, where you lounge at home in your pj's and no make up, with a good book or tv?
Oh yeah. We love adventure, that is true....but I am sooooo a homebody at heart. I adore lazy days.

\\ How hard is it to get out of the house and play? I have some friends that never leave their home because they say its too much work to pack their kids up.
It's not that hard! Of course, it's obviously not AS easy to adventure with a toddler, as it was when it was just the two of us, but it's sooo much more fun. I think a lot of people just worry that their children won't do well in new environments...but Hudson has been adventuring since he was a tiny guy, and he loves seeing and doing new things.

\\ When do you blog? Do you have a specific time set aside, or just do it randomly?
I usually blog whenever I can squeeze it in. Hudson has never taken naps during the day, and he keeps me pretty busy, so I do most of blogging at night after everyone is asleep.

\\ Did you ever have a job, outside of caring for Hudson?
Yes. I've worked at quite a few jobs, actually....not a single one pertaining to my BS degree in Political Science, but oh, that's how the cookie crumbles, so it seems. I've worked at an elementary school and a specialty boutique. I worked in a law office, where I helped to research cases (during the time I was convinced I wanted to be an attorney), and a ophthalmologist's office, where I met with vendors to select couture eyeglasses (during the time I was obsessed with fashion). I've also worked at a unique gift shop and an elementary school. But, being a full-time mother to Hudson is a job that I take very seriously. It has been my most important and rewarding job....not to mention my favorite. 

\\ Do you plan on having more children?
Will and I would love to have more children.

\\ Do you and Will have nicknames for each other?
Yes. Silly ones (as all good nicknames should be). We call each other Swoop. So he's Swoop and I'm Swoop....and now Hudson's our little Swoop, Jr. Ha.

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meghan said...

I just read this for the first time. I'm not sure how long you've had it up! I love that you and WIll have the same nickname for each other. Tim and I do too! I always say that when we get a dog we'll have to name him Louis (our nickname), but I'm not sure I'd really want to because then we'd all get so confused about who we were referring to. And I also love that you have had so many jobs pertaining to what you were interested in at the time! That sounds like such a fun way to go to work. :)