Good Night Sleep Guide

When was the last time you got a good night's sleep?
Let's be honest....I can't really remember when I did.
As a mom, peaceful nights are few and far between, but there isn't much that I wouldn't give to enjoy a good night's sleep, and research shows that restful sleep is something that most moms not only want, but they also NEED more of!

Does anyone really get enough quality sleep these days? Kids stay up late fighting bed time, television shows keep you awake, work duties wipe you out, and being constantly connected to tech devices can leave you too wired to relax. What's a tired, cranky mom to do? 

Here are a few tips to guide you to a good night's sleep:

1. Learn from Goldilocks
At the end of a long, tiring day, there's nothing better than slipping into a cozy, comfortable bed. How's your bed? Is it too hard? Too soft? Choosing the correct bed for your needs and body type can offer extra hours of sleep. Do you have a mattress topper? A featherbed topper is something that I love to use, because it adds an extra layer of comfort and softness. The White Company has a luxurious duck down and feather mattress topper that takes any bed to another level of luxury.

2. Dress your bed 
Simply choosing a seasonal comforter can make a big difference in your nightly comfort. In the Winter, a heavy comforter that provides ultra warmth is key, while in the Summer, it's important to choose a comforter that provides light warmth. Another key piece to creating a perfect sleeping environment, is choosing the right bed linen. The White Company offers an amazing assortment of smooth, breathable, bed sheets, in a variety of different thread counts. 

3. Clear the clutter
Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of sleep. It's hard to rest when you feel like the chaos is closing in on you from every direction. If you trip over stacks of books or piles of laundry before climbing into bed, you might need to pick up. Try to create a space that is open and inviting by clearing the clutter. Don't let a mess keep you from your comfy nest of egyptian cotton!

4. Banish the Electronics
It's much easier to drift off to sleep in an uninterrupted, quiet place. Turn off the television, power off the cell phone, and just relish in the peaceful sounds of night.

5. Prepare your body and mind for rest
There are many easy ways to get yourself ready for bed. Begin by eating your way to a good sleep. Make sure your family dinner is over at least two hours before bedtime, in order to give your food time to digest. Take a quiet bath if you can. I sometimes find that some light yoga or stretching can help my muscles relax before sleeping. Wear some soft and comfortable pajamas. As the weather gets warmer, I like to sleep in a roomy nightgown. A favorite gown of mine came from The White Company. It's made of super soft modal-cotton blend, with the cutest feminine stripes and pretty ruffle detail. Lastly, calm your mind by releasing all your swirling thoughts. I find that the easiest way is to put those worries on paper...do some journaling or write a to-do list. Take deep breaths, say your prayers, give thanks. Focus on having a good tomorrow. 

Good luck on getting a good night's sleep! Sweet dreams!

(images via The White Company)


Mimi said...

The clutter i need to clear is the stuff in my mind! Great post, so true, moms dont get the rest they need..and deserve! BTW, congratulations, i know im late in the game, but i see you are pregs with your next boy:)
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jeannie said...

Good post, I love The White Company they have a lot of beautiful things.