See You at the Sock Hop!

50's Day
50's Day
50's Day
Hudson's preschool is celebrating "50 Days of School Left Until Summer Break", so all the children were encouraged to dress up in their cutest '50's style! They are having a fun sock hop and lots of games today. Hudson looked so cute....he may have been born in the wrong decade!


Gennie said...

Hudson you are so cute, those big brown eyes are beautiful. I love your little fifties outfit. Have a fun day especially at the Sock Hop!!! I am so proud to have you as my grandson.

Alyssa said...

This is the most adorable thing EVER!!! I'm sure he's having the best time ever :)

Anonymous said...

I love his outfit! So cute!!!!! That is so nice that they are having a sock hop!

White Lighting said...

Now that is one rock'n little dude. Just need to get him an old muscle car. I am really digging the little curl up front. Hope you had fun at the sock hop.