Could I see a Menu?

(at his great-grandfather's house)
Hudson: "I think I may be a little hungry. Could I see a menu? Like they have at Cracker Barrel?

(after I got my hair cut)
Hudson: "Look Mama!  Your hair is like mine now!"

Hudson: "Mama, we'll take care of each other. You take care of you, and I'll take care of me."

(after bumping into the same family, two days in a row)
Hudson: "It sure is good to see y'all again!"

Hudson: "Daddy, how old are you?"
Will: "33"
Hudson: "What!?!?! You'll get dead!"

(checking the mail)
Will: "Hudson, I think Santa sent you this magazine of toys."
Hudson: "That was nice of him."

Hudson: "Mama, I know Jesus lives in my heart! I can feel him tickling my bones!!"


Cindy P said...

Haha! These are so adorable. I especially love Jesus tickling his bones!

Anonymous said...

Hudson, you are so funny! I miss our visits. I love you! K

js said...

Reading your sweet little words makes me smile. Love you bunches.

Ashley Eliza said...

I just love all of these especially the last one. He is adorable! I think its wonderful that you document these cute little quotes as well.. I hope I remember to do the same when I'm a mama someday :)


Faith said...

What a smart boy you have there! So witty!

A 33 Dead Man said...

These are great. I am so glad you take note of these and post them. Hudson says some smart little things. Don't worry little buddy I am far from dead. HAHA


Ana said...

"Mama, we'll take care of each other. You take care of you, and I'll take care of me." >>> That is so sweet! :)

Janette said...

Hudson is such a character! Seriously! Could he be any more adorable??!! Hope you guys are having an amazing start to your year and hope you're feeling well!

♥ Janette Lane ♥

Cara-Mia said...

Oh my gosh, his response to Will's age is just too hilarious! Kids are funny.