My Sweet Shadow

Hudson has never resisted going off to preschool. Until this week. 

All year long, on three mornings a week,
Hudson has been happy to jump out of the car, waving goodbye to me with a smile, 
holding tight to his teacher's hand, as he excitedly bounds into his preschool.
When he returned to school after Christmas break, 
for the first time ever,
he resisted getting out of the car at school.

As the teacher walked up to get him,
tears started to pour from his eyes.
"Mama!! I want to stay with YOU!"
(over & over & over again)
It broke my heart. 
I thought maybe he was just having a bad day. 
When I picked him up, his teacher said he did fine,
and that he was "just worried that Mama wouldn't come back to get him."

Then, yesterday, 
it happened again.
But worse. 
He got upset before we even left the house.
No amount of talking and hugging seemed to help.
He wanted to stay with me. 
I asked him if something had happened at school that made him want to stay home...
nothing had happened. 
He just wanted to stay with me.
I asked him if he would like to take Baby Goat (his very favorite furry friend)
on a big school day adventure.
He agreed, smiling through tears.
I walked him in, as he dragged Baby Goat along, 
and gave him a big squeeze before I turned to go.
He said goodbye,
and didn't cry.

I'm not really sure why Hudson has suddenly become so very attached to my side.
Even when we are at home, he's always by my side.
Every few minutes he kisses me, and says
"I love you, Mama."
At night, he always wants to snuggle up with me and watch Full House
from the comfort of my cozy bed before he goes to sleep.
He holds my hand whenever we leave the house. 
He's my sweet, precious shadow.

I know this is probably just a little phase he is going through.
And it's hard when he gets upset to be away from me,
but I would be lying if I said I didn't love
all this special time we have together.


Cindy P said...

Has he seen the episode of Full House where there is an earthquake and the Danny can't get home? When I watched that episode (I was only a little older than Hudson) I refused to go to school. My mom tried everything to get me to go but I was so scared that I wouldn't see her again I wouldn't go. She ended up calling the school and the principal came and picked me up and drove me! I wonder if it's something like that where he subconsciously doesn't realize why he's afraid to leave you.

A Daddy's Hand said...

I am not real sure where all this is coming from all of the sudden. I do know you are enjoying the love he is showing right now and why should you not. It has to be some kind of phase. He said the same thing to me last night at basketball. I was never out of his sight and he came to me a couple of times saying I want to stay with you daddy. I am proud of our little guy and I just want him to know that we will always be there for him.

LOVE YOU!!! and ! to grow on

Shauna said...

I noticed my children become this way when I was expecting another baby. Even if they didn't know it. Children are very intuitive and they have senses that we are often unaware of. I'm wondering if this has something to do with it. Regardless, it's very touching and no doubt it is going to be a very special time for the next few months as they will mark the end of an era. And the start of a new, wonderful beginning for all of you!!!


Shauna xoxo

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh how sweet that he wants to stay with you like that. He is really growing up and I don't blame you for loving this special time.

Whitney said...

I was going to suggest that it might have something to do with the new baby... he may realize that the world he has known for the past 4 years is about to change and so he's become clingy to you both. Poor thing, its got to be somewhat of an adjustment to go from being the only child to having to share the attention... whatever his reason may be, I would soak it up and enjoy all those love and cuddles! :)