How Far is it to Bethlehem?

FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
FUMC Children's Christmas Cantata
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above..." -- James 1:17

Hudson is truly a gift from God, and he is a blessing to me every day.
I have loved watching him perform this year with the Cherub Choir at our church. Last night was his first big performance! The children's Christmas Cantata is always such a special time for the kids, and it is truly a touching experience for all those that watch them!! 

Hudson has been practicing the show for weeks! Will and I sat in on one practice, and got a little tickled when Hudson raised his hand and asked his choir director why he didn't get to sing a part in the microphone. He couldn't understand that only the older children were singing solo parts. The rest of that practice he kept inching himself closer and closer to the microphone anyways. Little stinker! After seeing him practice, we couldn't wait to see the product of all his hard work! On the way to the show, he said, "Is my family going to be there to watch me?" He LOVES an audience. :)

The show went so well! We were so happy to see him dressed up as a sweet shepherd boy, and singing "How Far is it to Bethlehem", "Away in the Manger", and "Silent Night".  And as you know, most kid's productions have an unexpected touch of comic relief....and this show didn't disappoint. Between one little angel fighting with her wings, and Hudson disrobing at the end of the third song, there were quite a few giggles in the audience.

I am so very proud of this angelic boy of mine.

p.s. thank you so much to my Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle for coming to the church to watch Hudson perform. His little face was glowing when he caught sight of you all in the crowd. Thanks for making him feel SO loved!

**Here's a video of part of the performance:


Gennie and Grandad said...

Oh Hudson you are a darling. We just get amazed at your huge personality and that sweet cherub face. I love watching you perform whether it be sports or singing in the choir. We will always be there for you because you are so special to us.

Jess said...

Oh my! What an angel he is!! There is just something so special about these kind of performances

Jessica Zigenis said...

Could this be any cuter? Cannot wait to see my future kids do this! xo

Anonymous said...

Hudson, you are the sweetest shepherd around! I enjoyed watching you perform on the video. You are quite the little performer. Thank you Ashley for sharing it with us. Love K

Great aunt Cheryl said...

Hudson you are a sweet little angel. We enjoyed seeing your Christmas program so much. Words can't explain how much we love you. Looking forward to more performances.