Downtown Sunday

Sunday Stroll
Michael Nichols Exhibit
Michael Nichols Exhibit
Michael Nichols Exhibit
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll
Fire Truck Parade
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll
There are so many talented people come from Alabama....
one of them is Michael Nichols, an award winning photographer who has been to the most 
remote corners of the world.  We were lucky to wander into his latest exhibit, 
"The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion",
one of 26 stories he has made for National Geographic!

Afterwards, we happened upon a Fire Truck Parade,
with fire trucks from all over the county rolling down Court Street.

A little culture, some candy, and lots of fun--
Sunday strolls don't get much better!


js said...

I love, love these pictures. They are awesome. I like the last one of you three. Hudson is a handsome little dude!

Celeste said...

Your child has the best hair! Seriously, so adorable!

Cindy P said...

What a great family photo! Your hair looks fabulous in that picture, by the way. =) And you're right, it is the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Sparky said...

This was a perfect Sunday from start to finish. Go to church and hear Hudson sing in the chior. Walk down the streat and have a nice lunch. With that lunch over hear there will be a fire truck paraide at 2 which gave us a reason to take a stroll around downtown. What a day.

Great picture Swoop.


Emma Frances said...

How fun!! And Hudson is so handsome!! :)

Jennifer Blair said...

He is so big and adorable! I love all that you document!