Days decrease and Autumn grows

Fall Decorations
Deibert Park
New Hair
Backyard Fire
BJHS vs Florence
New Hair
Fall Decorations
Backyard Fire
Alabama vs. Texas A&M
Shopping for Mums
Hudson & Mama

This weekend was:
friday night football with friends,
drinking apple cider by the backyard fireplace,
replacing summer blooms with beautiful mums,
playing at the park on a breezy afternoon,
beginning our fun fall decorations,
Roll TIDE Roll.

We may be rushing the season a bit.
But, oh, Autumn, we love you so!

p.s. how do you like my new 'do!?


Charles said...

amazing! can't get over how gorgeous the blue, blue sky looks! love your new haircut and halloween decorations and that red dress too!


js said...

I love the pictures and I love your hair. Such a good change for fall. You and Will make everything so much fun for Hudson, he is a lucky little guy to have parents like you two.

justicepirate.com said...

Your haircut is cute on you. I like it, though I get sad whenever hair gets cut, especially my own. hehe. a backyard fireplace!?? That sounds amazing.

A Weekend Warrior said...

First off, I LOVE YOUR NEW DUE. This weekend was filled with fun. If I could change anything I would have to change the outcome of the Florence vs. Bob Jones game. But what a great weekend with Hudson rideing around with me and cutting some grass.


A Weekend Warrior said...

Oh and how could I forget?!


Janette said...

Your hair looks FANTASTIC!!! I love it! I'm thinking I want to chop it off perhaps! Maybe next summer!You look amazing! Are you still liking it?

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Love your new haircut- it's adorable!!
Awhile back ago you were sweet to email your makeup favs- So I want to share w/ you one of mine- This mascara it freaking amazing for being Avon-Mega Effects Mascara


Have a great day!