Sibling Fever?

The Hangout

(while working on our letter sounds)
Me: "F-L-O-P...what does that spell?"
Hudson: "Becky."

(to the girl checking us out at Target)
Hudson: "The mailman is going to bring me a baby sister."

(while I was getting dressed)
Hudson: "You smell adorable!"

(while playing)
 Hudson: "I'm just the only kid." (suddenly making a sad face)

(when he was playing with his cousin)
Hudson: "No WAIT! Let me ask my Mama. She's in a bad move."

(after he saw some clothes hanging in my closet)
Hudson: "Mama! Your clothes have arrived."

(at the store, after seeing the carts that carry two kids)
Hudson: "I want to ride in that one!"
Me: "No, those are for the people that have two children."
Hudson: "Well, I'm gonna have a baby sister and a brother."

(while watering the plants)
Me: "What am I going to do about my dead plant?"
Hudson: "Just give it some love!"

Hudson: "I wish I had a little brother. If I had a brother I would name him little sweet pie. And if he cries we need to hug."

(after I made up a bedtime story about visiting Never Never Land)
Hudson: "Tell me another one? Your stories are the bestest."


Even though I haven't written one of these posts in months,
rest assured, 
Hudson is still saying the wildest, funniest, sweetest things....
every day.


Gennie said...

Hudson you say the cutest things and your imagination continues to amaze me. I like the one about if Sweet Pie cries you will give him a hug. I know he would like that because you have the best hugs!

Marjorie said...

Haha! Maybe he will have a sibling? ;)

A Story Teller said...

I love these post. It always puts a smile on my face to read some of the things our little man has said in the past. Hummm a sibling? I am for it Hudson!

Oh just a side note. He tells me I have the bestest stories to.


Anonymous said...

That's so cute.
My sons want a sister and brother (a set of twins. . .which my mother-in-law is a twin, so it could occur). They pray for them every single night (for over a year).
Are you planning on having another?

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these are always such dun posts to read. He says the most adorable things!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I meant to type such FUN posts.