Oak Alley

New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4
New Orleans - Day 4

If I've ever felt like Miss Scarlett at Twelve Oaks,
it was here,
walking under beautiful rows of huge old Oak trees,
towards a magnificent white plantation house,
as men wearing Confederate Army uniforms tipped their hats
to the lovely women who were wearing beautiful hoop skirts,
while buzzing through the gardens,
 beneath the rainy grey skies. 

I guess mine is kind of an old-fashioned view....
because I heard another visitor say,
"Wow! This place makes me feel like Django!"
(oh, yeah. that too.)



Jeannie said...

What a beautiful plantation and those oak trees!!!! Hudson looks right at home there.... I can see you and Will as Scarlett and Rhett!

Cindy P said...

Oh I want to go there! So beautiful!! How dreamy the tree lined path looks.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh it looks so beautiful there!

brittany said...

oh my gosh, how gorgeous!!! that place is a dream!

A Southern Charm said...

This place was great. I had always seen pictures. I wish we would of had more time to look around at everything. Every time I go someplace like this it makes me wish I could have seen it back in its hey day.

Like the close up shots.


Ashley Eliza said...

oh what a dream. i've always wanted to visit the south just so i can go to places like this.

"after all tomorrow.. is another day!"

i love gone with the wind. it's my mothers favorite & we watch it together once a year. best love story. ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness.
The Gone with the Wind fan that I am totally just had a heart palpitation when seeing this. I thought it was Twelve Oaks. It isn't??