Four Years Old


My sweet Hudson,

You are FOUR today. I know that you have been telling me (and everyone else) for at least six months, that you are "NOT a baby!", but I am having such a hard time believing that you have grown so very fast. Everyone told me this would happen: that I would blink and you would no longer be a baby, but instead, a great big boy that can do all kinds of things on his own....and sure enough, I blinked. And here you are, tall and strong and intelligent and kind and handsome and so many other things. You are four years old, and you are indeed a big, wonderful boy. 

You amaze me with the knowledge that you possess. You surprise me with the accomplishments you make. You make me laugh with your awesome sense of humor. Your sweet smile melts me. Your compassion and kindness make my heart happy. I am so proud of you, I could just burst. You are everything I could ever have wished to have in my life. I wish I could put into words how very much you mean to me.

You love bedtime stories and baking and playing rough with Daddy. You love dancing and singing and snuggling with Mama. You are a thinker. And an entertainer. It's a fascinating combination.

Above everything, you are enthusiastic. You're a lover of this beautiful life that God has given you, and you are ready and willing, no matter what the adventure may be....whether it's brushing your teeth before bed or bustling down the unknown streets of a great big city. I pray for you every day, my sweet boy. I pray that you always keep your zest for life, that you continue to grow into an amazing (even bigger) boy, and that you always know, each and every second of every day, just how very much you are loved. 

Happiest Birthday to you.

Hugs and Kisses,


p.s. If you really want to see how much you have grown....watch this.


Cindy P said...

Such a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Hudson!

Also, I can't believe I've "known" you for over three years now, Ashley! I remember I started reading your blog before Hudson had even turned one! Wow!


What a special day. Hudson I can not believe you are four today. It seems like yesterday I was taking every chance I cold to sneak down and whisper all the fun things we were going to do together. We have done allot but there is still so much to do. I am so proud of you and love you more than you will ever know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!!


Gennie and Grandad said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet and handsome little guy. We love you so much. The video brought back such good memories, where has the time gone.

Have a fun day!

kaye said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! You have brought your great aunts lots of joy in the last four years. You are a special little boy. Love your great-aunt Kaye.

misc.alaina said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday, Hudson!! He is such a handsome guy and I have enjoyed watching him grow up over the past few years through your blog! Hope he enjoyed a wonderful birthday!!

Anonymous said...

These years are flying by! He's grown so very much! What a wonderful son he is too! Happy birthday Hudson!