Bugs and Spiders and Rodents. Oh my.

In April, we moved into our beautiful new house. 
We are about five minutes from the "city",
and while that doesn't seem very far,
our serene environment sometimes feels worlds away. 
Our house is surrounded by beautiful woods, we have a trickling waterfall that runs down a ravine in our neighborhood, and the lovely creek is just steps away from our back door. 
Nature is really an amazing thing.

with all this beauty comes a little bit of bad....
From yucky, icky creepy crawlies,
to furry oversized spiders,
to swarming wasps,
we've got it all here.

(These "red velvet ants" that live in our yard aren't ants at all! They are, in fact, female wasps!)

Pests can cause irreparable damage to your home and property, costing you tons of money, and valuable peace of mind. When you see insects crawling around, or see evidence of bigger critters in your living space, you can feel very helpless. And that is when a good pest control service can be a real lifesaver. Pest control professionals can help you to identify the type of pest that are infesting your property. They can work with you to assess the extent of damage the pests have created, and help you to weigh your options on the best way to rid yourself of unwanted pests forever. 

I have to tell you about one very persistent group of pests that live in our backyard: a gutsy group of raccoons. When we first realized that there were some raccoons feasting on our bird feed, we would sit in the window and watch the cute, masked bandits. They kept coming back every night, though, and it quickly became a lot less cute. They got braver by the day, and soon, we were sitting five feet away, on the back porch, watching helplessly as they snacked on sunflower seeds. After that, they started tip toeing past our sleeping dog, coming to the back door, and eating her dog food. This problem turned serious, very quickly. Here is a little video of what happened when a raccoon tried to eat our dog's food a second time:

(I think it's time to call the exterminator.)

A professional exterminator can quickly take care of unwelcome invaders. They can investigate why the pests are targeting your home, and help you stop the problem. Pests are not only annoying, they can pose a serious risk to your health and your home. Let professionals use their training and technology to rid you of those pesky problems by breaking the pest life cycle and controlling unwanted invasions. 


js said...

Pests can do a lot of damage to your house. With all your critters I would say you need a good pest control professional.

A Beadle said...

They can do some damage but they can also work wonders on a little boys imagination. I am not to sure about you but Hudson and I have had a blast exploring all these pest. We have seen all kinds of cool stuff. We've seen things like huge spiders, lizards, frogs, and a turtle or two. This place is great but I am not to sure about the scorpion's we've found. This place is great and we have the best bug man ever.


Anonymous said...

We see some strange creatures sometimes here, but they aren't too bothersome. . .however, we have large black ants that have been seen throughout our home over the past couple of weeks, and truly need to have an exterminator too (going to see my landlord about it)! Hope your pests leave you alone and your home!!! We woke up two nights ago to raccoon trying to get into our garbage, but they couldn't . . .but goodness they made a lot of noise trying!!!

Jeffrey Goude said...

The creepy crawlies, oversized spiders, and swarming wasps comes with living in a beautiful new house in the middle of the beautiful woods. They're all part of the nature, and no matter how much we despise them, they're part of the balance in the ecosystem. Which means all the more that we can't kill them once they start invading our house. Just keep in touch with your professional exterminator and your house should be fine. Jeffrey @ BugManiacs.com