Back to School?

Mama & Hudson

Hudson starts preschool next week.
One of us is excited....
the other, not so much.
Why did this beautiful summer have to fly by so fast?


Cindy P said...

=( He will have such a wonderful time! I know you'll miss your time with him during the days, but those afternoons reunions will be so sweet!

Also, that is such an amazing picture of the two of you! I love it!

Daddy Independent said...

Oh I know you are going to hold on to our little guy for as long as you can. He is such an amazing little guy. That quote is so true though. I love you and I am amazed at how our little man wants to be Mr. Independent at times.


js said...

Beautiful picture!! I know its difficult but you can have peace knowing that Hudson will have a good time with his little friends.

Chrissy said...

Such a lovely photo! xxx

Anonymous said...

Aw. I am sure he'll have so much fun and will do splendidly!!!