Summer Sandal Style

I can't believe it is already the end of July. As I get older, the time flies by faster and faster. Before we know it, the crisp air will roll in. We'll be saying goodbye to the swimming pool, and hello to school...but until then, I plan to send this Summer out in style! 

Here in Alabama, our "summer-time" weather has been known to last well into October. And between trips to the ocean, splash pad, and playground, we have happily retired our closed-toe shoes in favor of fun flip-flops and sandals.

Now, most people think that flip-flops and sandals are just casual accessories that are worn simply because they are comfortable, practical shoes for scorching hot days. But, just because these styles are often associated with Summer simplicity, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style when wearing them. 

As you probably already know, I love choosing clothing for Hudson, and I always like to emphasize accessories! The right shoes can really pull together an outfit. During our quest to have a stylish Summer, I've been on the lookout for fashionable sandals and flip flops for him. 

When I was introduced to www.Reef.com, I just couldn't get enough. Their boys sandals are stylish, affordable, and comfortable. They are perfect for the little ones, because they have a handy back heel strap that keeps the sandals perfectly in place on tiny feet! 

One of my favorite Reef styles, for children, is the Ahi Sandal. They come in a large variety of fashionable prints, and they are very durable. I mean, how cute are these?


The Rasta Gulls Ahi Sandal is perfectly on point with what's stylish right now. With the fun sea gull print in red, green, and yellow, your little guy would most definitely be the coolest kid at the playground.

There's nothing scary about the Green Monsters Ahi Sandal. With an understated grey and black color palette, accented with a perfect pop of neon green, these cute sandals will please both the parents and the child!

The cute blue and grey Surfers are Friends Ahi Sandal would definitely be the perfect accessory for any little boy...and how cute would these be on a beach vacation?

If those aren't your cup of tea, Reef has their classic sandal available for little guys, too! You just can't go wrong with a soft suede and leather sandal...cool, comfortable and eternally stylish. And it's important to note, the smaller sizes come equipped with the functional heel strap to keep the sandals in place! 


And to my Mama friends with little girls, Reef has some super cute sandals for them, too! Here are some of my favorites. 


Here's to some really cute kid's sandals, and staying stylish all summer long!!


jeannie said...

So many cute flip flops it would be difficult to choose just one pair. I can see Hudson's little feet in the blue and grey Surfers are Friends. Actually he would look cute in all of them!!!!

Mr. Flop said...

He has more shoes than I have had in my life but I know one thing. He is looking good!


Ana said...

My daughter has some reef sandals and she loves them! They have held up very well.