St. Louis Cathedral

New Orleans - Day 5
New Orleans - Day 2
New Orleans - Day 2
New Orleans - Day 2

The beautiful St. Louis Cathedral is one of the most striking structures in New Orleans. Originally built in 1727, it is the oldest active Roman Catholic Cathedral in North America. Every quarter hour, the chiming bells call in the city's saints and sinners, clanging a rhythm high above the French Quarter rooftops. When entering the church, you must first pass through the circus atmosphere that is constantly buzzing in Jackson Square: palm readers, magicians, and wannabe psychics....a stark contrast to the haven of serenity that awaits just inside the grand cathedral doors.


A New Orleans Saint said...

These are some great pictures Swoop. I love going into these old churches. There is so much beauty to them. I always feel a since of calmness come over me when I enter them. I would like to attend a service one day to see it in action.


Ashley said...

I love your description of entering the calm atmosphere of the church after passing through a circus of characters. :) There's something special about entering such grand and sacred spaces.

misc.alaina said...

Beautiful photos, and truly a beautiful place!!

Cara-Mia said...