Up through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear.

Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite
Flying a Kite

Hudson sometimes thinks up grand ideas on his own. Ever since the first of March rolled around, and the whipping winds picked up, he's been talking about kites. He remembers that last spring, he had an Angry Birds kite and a Lighting McQueen kite. I don't know if he actually remembers us getting outside in Gennie and Grandad's backyard and trying hard to make them fly...but I remember. And it didn't work so well. Kites are tricky. You have to have just the perfect kind of day to get those beauties in the air, and you have to have the perfect kind of wind to maintain that steady soar amongst the clouds. I don't remember that happening last spring...but this year? Hudson mentioned flying a kite on the most perfectly windy day. 

We went to Toys R' Us, and let him pick out which kite he wanted. It was between a bird and a shark, but the flaming streamers and spiky teeth won out...the sailing shark it was! We drove straight to the "little park", and attempted to fly the kite. I am ashamed to say, Will and I simply didn't know what we were doing. We took turns running (full speed), pulling the kite behind us. It would whip around wildly, barely above our heads, and the string would get all tangled and bunched. That darn shark would NOT take flight. We tried and tried again. Running the length of the field, and running so hard we were out of breath. Hudson was a patient spectator.

We saw a family pull up across the park, and unload their kids and kites. Clearly, we weren't the only ones who recognized a good kite flying day. If only we could get ours in the air. I stood back and watched as the dad stretched the kite string out, laid the kite at one of the field and walked calmly to the other end, while holding the string. The mom stood and slowly lifted the purple butterfly kite into the air, while the dad held the string. And what do you know? That majestic butterfly flew straight up, and flew higher and higher, much to the delight of their squealing daughters. Will didn't realize that I was taking notes. 

I ran over, and whispered to him. "I know how to do it! Watch this!" I felt like I was stealing moves from an opposing team, but I proceeded to copy just what I saw Mr. Kite Pro do....And you know what?

That shark took off into the sky. Up through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear.
(who can fly a kite without singing Mary Poppins?)

And the even better news is that our kite stayed up there in the windy blue sky,
sailing and zig-zagging and riding the wind.
Our shark was so good at flying that we even felt brave enough to tie the string to the wagon and go play on the slide.
And then the happy shrieks of delight were coming from our little Hudson...and he quickly forgot that his silly ol' Mom & Dad had wasted an hour running back and forth in a field with a flailing kite on our tails. We felt so accomplished, that afterwards, we went for a celebratory treat of frozen yogurt. It was a good day.


Cindy P said...

Aw! That sounds like a delightful afternoon! I love kite flying. I have difficulties getting it off the ground myself, though!

And you're right, I can't fly a kite without singing Mary Poppins, either!!

Ashley said...

Oh boy do I remember those days when I thought every day was a kite-flying day. Hehe.

I grew up on a lake in Michigan that had some pretty great kite flying winds most days. (in the summer obviously) You could just let the kite take off right from your hands.

Your post sort of makes me want to fly a kite! I love Hudson's kite choice.

Shark Bait said...

What a great fun post Swoop. Hudson was so excited about picking out and flying his Kite. We have tried again on a couple of not so windy days but we will fly the shark again. You got some great pictures. I like the one where you can see the excitement in Hudsons eyes as he flys his kite.


Anonymous said...

How very cool that he flies kites around with you two. I have never flown a kite myself, so no worries that you two didn't really know what you were doing. Good job on how well you did though!! Yey for singing Mary Poppins' songs.

Cara-Mia said...

I've never flown a kite before, can you believe it? But I have watched Mary Poppins a million times. :D