There's No Crying in Baseball

Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice
Hudson's 1st TeeBall Practice

Hudson started tee-ball this Spring. It's his very first time playing a sport, so, naturally, Will and I had no clue how he would like it. We talked to him a lot about how practice would go, and he loved picking out his bat (with a shark on it!) and glove (it's blue!). We found out that he was on the Cincinnati Reds, or as Hudson calls it, the "Cincirrati Reds", and he picked number 35 for his jersey.

Our league plays tee-ball like this: each player on the team gets to hit the ball. After hitting, they run to first. Each time a teammate bats, they move around the bases (one base at a time). After all the players have hit the ball, they finish running the bases, then they move into the field. When the are in the field, they try to catch the ball. If they catch the ball, they throw it to Coach at first base. Whew. That's kind of a lot of information for a 3 1/2 year old...but I felt like he could handle it once he got the hang of the game.

 At his first practice, he was enthusiastic. He LOVED batting the ball. He ran to first base. He was having fun. Then the next batter was up. He hit the ball and Hudson promptly left first base and tried to catch it. Uh-oh. We tried to explain to him that his job was to run fast to second base, but it just didn't make sense to our little guy. He finally ran to second. The next batter hit the ball, and once again, Hudson left the base, and ran infield to try to catch the ball. We tried to tell him his job was to run to third, but by this point he was just getting really frustrated. He trudged to third, unhappily. Then, the same thing happened, and when we once more tried to tell him where he was supposed to be, he just began to sob. The poor buddy just wanted to catch the ball. He wasn't the only one who didn't understand the rules just yet, just about half the team tried to run for the ball while running the bases, and at least three were crying.

New things can be hard for little ones...but to hear Hudson tell it, he had a great time at his first tee-ball practice, and we had no doubt that things would get better on the field for our little rookie very soon. 


Anonymous said...

hahaha. awwwwww!!!! It is so painful to see little kids trying to learn how to play with other kids in an organized sport. I had to go through that with my sons's soccer games and it was so hilarious mostof the time, and he would cry randomly for no reason. . .ugh!!! I feel for you!!! sincerely!

Meredith said...

how did he get so big?? he's still absolutely precious <3 hope you and hudson are enjoying life to the fullest! :)

Natasha said...

Awww...so adorable!
I wish we had a little ball team for Vyla to play on!

A Baseball said...

Pratice makes perfect. I think Hudson and the rest of his team started out all about the same. They are really starting to get the hang of everything. We might have a little fit be thrown here and there. Hey it's ball and he's having a good time.


meghan said...

This is so cute! It's so great that he enjoyed it so much even though it was a little confusing.

Courtney B said...

Oh my heart... he is just too sweet! I am excited for Mia to try new things! It will be interesting to see her take on it as a newbie, compared to her old, wise parents how know EVERYTHING, ha ha! Actually, I will probably cry when she cries :)

Janette said...

This is the cutest and the most heartbreaking thing ever! I would be crying too!