Tonight is Hudson's last Tee-Ball game of the season.
His games have been full of fun. I have enjoyed watching him bumble and fumble all over the baseball field with a cute team of other first-timers and friends. They have tried so hard to navigate this tricky game, and they have done well. Most importantly, they have improved so much since their first game, when all the players tackled each other for the ball!

Hudson has made some wonderful memories as a Cincinnati Red, 
and we are so proud of our big boy!!


Unknown said...

You sweet sweet boy! I love you! Great game! Kaye

Charles said...

so cute! xx


Cindy P said...

I love it! What a special video. I think it's great you guys have that to remember his first tball season!

A Bat Boy said...

This was a great baseball season. Hudson was all about it from the start to the end. At the start of the season it was more like a t-ball/rugby game. With everyone running for the ball. I know one thing. He's got his homerun trot down. All in all I would say he had a great time. Thanks to his coach and everyone who helped out. GO REDS

Swoop great job the video.


Kate said...

I can't wait till my big boy is playing tball! <3

Belle la vie

Ashley Elizabeth said...

SUCH a fun video! He'll love that when he's older!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh how sweet and he was really doing a good job!