Little Sweeties

3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party
3 Year Old Class Party

In January, Hudson started preschool two days a week,
and I'll be honest...
I have soooo been looking forward to the day when I could visit his class,
and see him play with all his little buddies.
I got to stop by for their class Valentine party,
and it was just precious.

When I got there, the kids were all in a circle,
singing a song with their teachers, Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Caroline.
Hudson's little face lit up when he saw me!
He was so proud to have me there.

Then, they said the pledge of allegiance.
(So cute!)
And after that, they had prayer time.
Ms. Carolyn asked Hudson if he wanted to lead the class in prayer,
and, of course, he said yes. 
All the little ones bowed their heads,
and Hudson said:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for our day.
Thank you for my family and friends.
In Jesus name we pray,

Ms. Carolyn told me that the last time he prayed,
he said "Thank you for my teachers."
I love this sweet little guy so much!!

Later they all rushed to the tables, 
and I thought it was funny that all the boys sat together,
and the girls sat at the other table. Ha!
They had lots of special snacks for their party....
Hudson's favorite was definitely the cheetos. 

After snack they all did a pretend rocket ship song.
It was beyond cute.

Hudson adores his class,
and I am so glad that he has two loving teachers
and a room full of sweet buddies.

p.s. I mentioned in my last post that Hudson says his "girl friend" wears a big bow. Clearly, I couldn't tell who was the special girl....all those cuties had big bows! ;)


Cindy P said...

Aw yay! So glad that the party was so great. I'm really glad he's enjoying preschool. It's such a wonderful opportunity for him!

Anonymous said...

when little ones pray, it is amazing. I love that.
I'm glad you enjoyed visiting him in preschool!

Ana said...

Aw so cute!

Kira said...

This is so sweet!
I was wondering, did you get permission from all of the parents to post photos of their kids on your blog? I always skip over posting cute photos of kids on mine because I'm afraid I will weird some parents out.

Cheeto said...

Now that looks like a party. Hudson and I would have been snacking out of the same bag it sounds like. I am so glad he is not affraid to lead the class in prayer. I am also glad you got to go watch him in action. I know you have been just itching to do that.


Ashley said...

Awwww... what a thoughtful little boy! How funny that all the little boys and girls sat at different tables. Cooties are so real at that age. :)

misc.alaina said...

So sweet! Hudson is so handsome in his red vest! Sounds like such a good preschool. So cute he said the class prayer!! I love watching Will play with his little friends and events like that, and we laugh so hard when he announces who his girlfriend is at home!

kyna... said...

Awe, so sweet!!! Ellie is going to start preschool in Sept...3 days a week. A little late for her age, but that's okay cause she has been thriving at home...and because I just haven't had the heart to send her yet...poor girl has some pretty bad social anxiety like I did as a little girl. I know it will do her good, but I also know a lot of tears will be shed when I finally send her :-(

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what a sweetie he is. His little prayer brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome job you all do raising him. I think it is awesome that he was willing to lead the class in prayer and what a wonderful job he did!!

Mr. Red Day said...

Well it looks like Hudson had a fun little Valentines Day party. I am glad you got to go watch him in action. I know you have been dyeing to see Hudson in action in the classroom. That is a great picture of the 2 of you.