Candy Collector Extraordinaire

My mom and I took Hudson to
my high school's homecoming parade. 
It was so fun to be back in my hometown
to enjoy the Fall festivities.
My Patriot Pride was shining through
as I watched and remembered all the good times I had
marching in the homecoming parade as a BJ Majorette!
Oh memories.

Hudson loves a good parade.
When he realized that candy was flowing freely,
he couldn't contain his excitement. 
But, we were surrounded by a group of middle schoolers,
so, at first, Hudson had a hard time
figuring out how to get out there and grab his share of the goodies.
But a little time passed,
and after some help by a few kind strangers who gathered some candy for him,
he began to feel brave enough to scoop up his own sweets.

By the time the parade was halfway through,
Hudson was leaping around under the setting sun,
tiptoeing across the pavement,
dodging big boys,
and getting handfuls of treats.
(like a candy collecting pro)

We came away with so much candy....
I doubt we'll even make a dent before Halloween.


Let's go on a joyride.

Happy Weekend, friends! 
Hope you find time to do the things you love...
whether it's 
cozying up with a good book,
cheering for your favorite team,
chugging along on a joyride with a best buddy.

Enjoy yourself!


Currently: September 2012

L o v i n g : New nail polish colors! There are so many pretty fall shades out. My favorites are: Essie Skirting the Issue, Sally Hansen Good to Grape, and Essie Don't Sweater It.

R e a d i n g : I just started Once Upon A Secret (My Hidden Affair with JFK) by Mimi Alford, after a recommendation by a friend. It's an intriguing read, but a sad story at the same time. It's about a young girl who grew up carrying a dark and ugly secret...that she was used at the whim of the most powerful man in America.

W a t c h i n g : How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory have season premieres this week...my two favorite comedies!

A n t i c i p a t i n g : Halloween! I can't wait to see Hudson in his costume, and I love all the treats and goodies that come along with the haunted holiday! And, it's just about time for me to pull out my DVD of Hocus Pocus. Yes!

L i s t e n i n g  t o : I am currently obsessed with Bonnie & Clyde by Lulu Gainsbourg, featuring Scarlett Johansson. Such an awesome song.

P l a n n i n g : a visit to Nashville this weekend! We'll be going to Milky Way Farms to support AGAPE Nashville and the awesome fundraiser they are having: Bella Rustica Vintage Barn Marketplace. Some of the very best vintage dealers in the south will be there, plus lots of beautiful handmade goods, clothing and jewelryAND we'll be seeing the Secret Sisters perform there on Sunday! Are any of you Southern ladies planning to attend? Go here to find out more about Bella Rustica!

W o r k i n g  o n : choosing paint colors for our new house. Is there anything more stressful? So many choices!

W i s h i n g : the temperatures would stay in the mild 70's for all of Fall. BUT it's Alabama and that's never going to happen.

What are you currently
loving/reading/watching/anticipating/listening to/planning/working on/wishing?

HERE is what I was into in August.


The Tale of Captain Beauregard Reno

Once upon a time,
I was a sophomore in college.

My two best girlfriends at the time
were a set of blond twins.
We took classes together // We went to parties together // We traveled together
We did everything together.
Inseparable was an understatement.

One day, 
the three of us went with a friend to the pet store,
and we spotted the most precious little black and tan puppy
with big paws and twinkly brown eyes.
He was playful and snuggly and soft...
all the things a good puppy should be.

After we found out that he was from the pound,
and FREE to a good home,
we collectively made the decision that he would be "our" dog.
One special dog for three girls.
And we named him Captain Beauregard Reno.
Beau, for short.

"We" bought him cute collars.
"We" split the cost of dog food.
"We" took him for walks.
And "we" loved him a lot.

Then, "we" fell apart.
Schoolwork became more important than social life.
Boyfriends got in the way of our friendship.
We slowly drifted apart before, ultimately,
having the most terribly, awful, horrendous argument in the history of arguments.
We never spoke again.
And I found myself 
without two close friends.

But I DID have one very sweet dog.

At the time, I shared my off campus apartment with a roommate,
who just happened to be my best friend from high school.
We had a two story apartment,
with both of our bedrooms upstairs,
and a common area downstairs.
We were not allowed to have pets.
And my roommate didn't like dogs.

Long story short,
I didn't heed the rules.
I snuck Beau in,
and hid him in my apartment
for months. 
I even successfully hid him from my roommate.
Hard to believe, but I was quite stealthy.

Then she found out.
And I knew that I had to do something.
It wasn't fair to her,
or Beau...
who was a growing dog that needed more exercise than our daily walks.

I called my parents and asked if I could please send Beau to our family farm,
so he could live in the big, wide open.
And they said okay.

My mom and I drove Beau over to the farm on a Sunday.
He was wearing his red collar that said Rockstar,
and he was unsure about where we were going.
I worried so much that my sweet dog, who had spent almost every day of his life
in the cozy confines of my apartment, wouldn't do so well in the wild.
I dropped him off,
and even though I knew that I could visit him at the farm whenever I liked
(it's only about an hour from my parent's house),
I just couldn't help but feel sad.

But he LOVED it there.
And now, eleven years later, he is still loving it.

We visited the farm this past weekend,
and Hudson really took up with Beau.
They played together in the fields,
and Hudson gave him so many sweet squeezes.

Beau is twelve years old now.
He ran along behind the truck as we rode through the fields,
he swam through the pond,
and he rolled around with his hound buddy Ruckus.
But by the time we headed back towards the house,
his little legs were getting stiff,
and his age began to show.

We scooped him up and let him ride the rest of the way with us,
on the bed of the truck.
I sat with him, and as the evening breeze blew through our hair,
he nuzzled in close and looked sweetly at me with his big, brown eyes.
And although he didn't stay with me through college
and after,
he's still my dog...
and at that moment,
I think he was thanking me for this good life
he has had on the farm.