Pull up an Ice Block and Lend an Ear.

Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail
Tinsel Trail

With Christmas time comes lots of good things.
A favorite at our house is watching all the holiday movies...
especially Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Last year, little Hudson loved seeing Rudolph,
and he couldn't wait to watch it again!
So a few days ago, we popped it into the dvd player
and sat back to enjoy the show. 

All was well until the Abominable Snowman made his grisly appearance.
I have never seen Hudson burst into tears so fast in my life.
That snow monster scared him! 

It took a little while,
but I was able to calm him down,
and convince him that the snowman would turn out nice.
He sat in my lap,
watching through teary eyes,
until Hermey the elf pulled that ol' snow monster's teeth.
Hudson breathed a big sigh of relief and asked,
"He's nice now?"

A few days later,
we found a book about Rudolph at the bookstore,
and Hudson has enjoyed reading it. 
A lot.
His favorite part?
The Abominable Snow Monster.

His fear has subsided,
and now he talks about
"Abobable" Snow Monster
all the time. 

So, imagine our surprise when we went to the
Tinsel Trail in Big Spring Park,
and Hudson came face to face with
"Abobable" himself.
He couldn't believe his eyes.
He asked Will to walk him over to him at least three times.
He is seriously enthralled.

Our time in the Tinsel Trail made for a perfectly Christmas-y night.
We saw so many pretty trees in the park.
There are 200 twinkling trees there,
all sponsored by local groups and businesses. 
And Hudson can have the snow man, 
my favorite's the Lorax tree.


misc.alaina said...

Such a fun holiday adventure! That shot of Hudson on Will's shoulders looking up at the snowman is just priceless! I agree, that Lorax tree is so fun!!

Abominable Snow Monster said...

This was a fun stroll through the park. So many different kinds of trees. Hudson took them all in but was really into the Abominable Snow Monster.

Love You and can't wait to our many more exciting Christmas outings!!!

Melanie said...

Oh the trees!
I love how Hudson's face always looks so full of wonder. :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We have to talk Cullen through him too! And we watched THe Grinch last name and he was so unhappy that the Grinch was mean. It is so funny how they are affected by things. Great pictures!

Shay said...

Hudson is just the sweetest- I love that he got over his fear! You are such a good momma!Gorgeous photos!

Ashley said...

You guys have so many fun Christmas places to visit! I'd love to walk through tinsel trails and see "abobable" snowmen too. I love how Hudson was excited to see that big snowman and wasn't even scared! Too cute.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Isn't it hilarious how kids turn something they're afraid of into something they talk about constantly? Andy's nephew does the same thing!

Haley K said...

Hudson is such a brave little guy! I haven't seen the original Rudolph movie in years...but I'm sure that grizzly abominable snowman was mighty scary, but how awesome he conquered his fear and saw to the end when he turns out nice! So neat to see our little men grow up and watch their minds work through things. :) And that Tinsel Trail (such a cute name:) looked like such a fun place!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this looks like so much fun!