Here we go (sniff cough) 'a-Christmasing!

This holiday season had some unexpected (and unwelcome!) surprises...
Eight days before Christmas, I came down with the flu.
It. was. terrible.
The only time I left the bed during a six day period, 
was to visit the doctor.
There's no worse time to be sick,
but luckily,
thanks to all 5 medicines I took,
I was up and moving the day before Christmas Eve.
I thought we were in the clear.....

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

Like always, we spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house.
We usually have a big, yummy Christmas dinner.
Hudson said the blessing this year,
and as we bowed his head,
he quietly prayed:
"Dear Lord,
thank you for sweet tea,
Gennie & Granddad,
and thank you for baby Jesus.
Could there be a sweeter prayer? 

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

Dessert is a highlight of our holiday.
This year I helped my mom make our traditional Christmas cake!
We've never had the same type of cake twice, and this selection was extra tasty.
We made a delicious white layer cake with a decadent filling of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry,
topped with buttercream frosting, hand rolled fondant stars, and edible pearls.
It was sooooo good. 
We also have a tradition of opening a "table present" at dinner.
Hudson got a Snoopy snow globe and we got the most gorgeous celestial coasters...they've been on my wish list! 

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

After we had our fill,
we opened presents.
Hudson had lots of gifts under the tree from his grandparents,
and a few from Mama & Daddy, too.
As he carefully opened his surprises,
he would ask:
"Who is this from?"
and before he could even get it open,
he would run over and give the gift-giver a big kiss and say "Thank you for my present!"
He did this all on his own,
and it made me so proud!
Our little guy has such a kind heart.
He had a wonderful time seeing what he received...
Hudson's smile grew bigger and bigger with each package he unwrapped.
He got so many fun things!

We got ready for bed at my parents' house,
because Santa was visiting Hudson there this year.
Hudson got sick.
It wasn't the flu,
but a pesky stuffy nose and dry cough quickly became
a dreadful fever virus overnight.
The poor guy felt just terrible.
We tried our best to make him comfortable, and cheer him up (with lots of love and talk of Santa).
When he woke up on Christmas morning,
despite his high temperature, he tried his hardest to enjoy the festivities.
The first thing he said from his bed was:
"Mama! Daddy! I think Santa's been here!"

Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

He hurried downstairs to check out his presents,
and I think he was in awe. He didn't know what to pick up first!
As the morning went by,
he was so pitiful, sifting through all of his surprises;
you could tell he felt awful,
but he wanted so badly to play with his new things.
We spent the rest of the day
tending to the little guy and trying to help him feel better.

Late Christmas
Late Christmas

A few days later, after Hudson recuperated, we paid a holiday visit to Will's parents' house.
After we enjoyed Christmas punch and a late lunch,
Hudson got more great gifts!
We gave Will's brother, Sam, a pretty fun present this year....
I'm sure I've mentioned Sam on the blog before,
but, just for this story's sake:
Sam has Down Syndrome,
and Sam loves love loves movies.
One of his favorite's is A Christmas Story.
Just imagine his surprise when he opened up our gift to him: his very own leg lamp!
We all set it up in the dining room window so that Sam could go outside and look at it...
just like the movie!
Ha! He got such a kick out of that.

So although Winter sicknesses tried to bring us down,
our Christmas was very blessed,
and very wonderful.
I am so thankful for our families,
and our sweet Hudson.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Poor baby, I hope he is feeling better already! Cullen wants that playmobile set SO bad (he had a catalog that he 'reads' all the time). We loove some playmobile around here!

Carlie said...

I'm glad you were still able to have a fun Christmas! What an awesome gift for his brother!

Cara-Mia said...

Oh no, what a horrible time for the both of you to get sick!

So glad you're feeling better. Here's to a great 2013.

P.S. I think what you got Will's brother is a pretty awesome gift. :)

meghan said...

What a sweet Christmas! I'm so sorry that y'all got sick. How perfect that you got better before, but I'm so sorry that Hudson caught it. It seemed to be a great sport. What great gifts he got, and it's so nice that he really appreciated all of them. And what a great gift for Will's brother. How fun that he wanted to go out and look at it from the window. :)

Anonymous said...

I pray that Hudson will always know how truly blessed he is. That is quite a LOAD of presents and they are all great and I am sure he has SO much fun playing with them all!! he's a great kid. I hope you are feeling MUCH better. The flue is so nasty to get!!! Have fun, Hudson!!!!

Cindy P said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good Christmas despite the illnesses! Hudson made out REALLY well! What a lucky boy! How does he like Jingle? Every time I see a commercial for the dog/book is melts my heart!

Collin and my new year's plans had to be cancelled because we're both sick right now. =( Collin is almost over the flu and my head cold turned into a chest cold and I was pretty miserable this morning. Thankfully we're both doing better this afternoon!

Mr. Not Sick said...

All in all this was one fun Christmas. It got dragged out a little bit longer than usual but it seemed to make it a little more relaxed in a way. Hudson was so sweet going around and thanking everyone for his gifts. I would say that Santa was extra good to Hudson once again this year. He has been playing with each and every toy. As for Sam's gift I could not find the movie he had ask for and then I spotted the Leg. HAHA



misc.alaina said...

Oh, the leg lamp gift sounds fantastic! So sad that Hudson was sick for Christmas, but it really looks like you made the best of it. Hope he still has great memories of it! Looks like a wonderful Christmas day!! Happy 2013 to you and your family!

P.S. We got Will the Jingle puppy and book, but I can't seem to get it to respond to me more than 20% of the time. Are you having any luck with yours?

Mariel Torres said...

What wonderful memories! I hope the both of you are feeling completely better now in the New Year. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR my sweet friend! I wish you and your family the very best for 2013.