Curly Q


When your hair first began to grow,
and I spotted those sweet little curls,
I couldn't help but be excited.
(I've always wanted natural curls!)
How wonderful it was to have a precious little curly-haired baby doll of my very own!

Quickly, your tiny little swirls of hair
transformed into ringlets,
and they grew and grew
until you had a headful of long curly locks.

Just before your third birthday,
I had your pretty hair trimmed,
and so we said farewell to the ringlets.
I've cut it twice more since then,
and while your little curls are still hanging in there,
I'm not sure if they'll last forever.

I just want you to know:
no matter how your hair changes,
You'll always be beautiful to me.

BUT while you've got those curls,
you should definitely flaunt them, sweet boy.

**Just a little word of advice:

I love you, Curly Q!


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Oh Ashley, your son is so beautiful (in the most boyish way, of course!) Love those curls. It's so great that you have so many pictures of his hair, especially if the curls don't last forever. Such a sweet post, friend!! xo

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

That hair, I am so envious of that hair! If I can get ONE ringlet out of my curly mess, it's a good day.

Amber said...

i've got total hair envy right now

Hair Band said...

Sweet post Swoop, Hudson does have some cool hair. I got a good feeling he will rock what ever kind of hair he has.


Shauna said...

Ashley, this is a cute post. My second daughter was similar. As her hair got longer the curls went away, but now as she's older her hair is getting really curly again underneath her hair, funny huh?

Hey have you ever noticed that Hudson and my daughter Summer look alike? I think so anyway, both very cute. Talk soon,

Shauna xoxoxxo

Cara-Mia said...

He has beautiful hair! I hope the curls stay. :)

Anonymous said...

cutie q!

Kristin Reynolds said...

he is just too sweet i adore all your pictures love!



Haley K said...

Loved taking a little trip back in time with those sweet photos of your little man and his gorgeous head of curls! Hudson's hair is beyond fantastic...you know we're big fans of curls over here! ;) And like you said, color or texture or amount of curls doesn't make us love our boys more or less...but we sure do soak up those curls while they have 'em. ;) Hugs to you sweet Mama!

Courtney B said...

LOVE his curls!! I hope my baby has curls :) But with my luck she'll probably be BALD!