A little Christmas magic.

My hometown has a cute, outdoor town centre called Bridge Street,
filled with upscale shops and restaurants.
It's always fun to go there,
but even more so around this time of year....
 because that place really gets festive for the holidays.

My mom and I took Hudson to Bridge Street
to ring in the Christmas season
(a tad early)
on the night of their annual Christmas tree lighting.

After stopping by Barnes & Noble for some hot chocolate
and a special "Chippy" cookie,
we meandered down the cobblestone walk,
enjoying the pretty lights and the singing carolers,
until we spotted a cute little Christmas train.
We climbed on and zoomed around
through the thickening crowd,
past the glistening lake and lovely holiday window displays.
Hudson was in heaven.

The kind conductor delivered us promptly to the
humongous tree, just as the festivities began.
When the speakers began blasting Christmas music, 
Hudson spotted children dancing beside the stage,
and HAD to join in on the fun. 
We snaked our way through the huge crowd,
and he happily found a prime spot....
front and center beneath the glistening tree.

After Hudson joined the pint-sized people
in dancing to a few Christmas tunes,
the announcers got things underway.
Within minutes, children were chanting:
"Santa! SANTA! Santa!"
Hudson smiled at the thought of the big guy appearing,
and quickly began chanting, too.

To his surprise,
out came jolly old Santa Claus
in all of his Christmas glory,
flanked by some silly elves.
It was truly magical for Hudson,
and I could tell he felt so special to be
standing just a few feet away from St. Nick.
He could not stop smiling. 

A few ho-ho-ho's later,
and the tree lit up with thousands of sparkling lights,
and before we could blink,
the most lovely thing happened....
it started to snow!
Yes, we are in Alabama.
And, no, we usually don't see much snow,
especially in November,
but with a little bit of Christmas magic
(wink wink)
and the help of some very special effects,
snow is exactly what we got that night.

And if tour outing wasn't perfect enough already,
Hudson snuck close enough to Santa to pull on his suit....
which warranted a sweet smile and a great big hug.

We had a wonderful time.
But, as we were heading home,
Hudson suddenly thought of something,
and looked up at me:
"Mama! I forgot to give Santa my list!!"

Thank goodness Christmas is only just beginning.
See you again soon, Santa Claus!


Curly Q


When your hair first began to grow,
and I spotted those sweet little curls,
I couldn't help but be excited.
(I've always wanted natural curls!)
How wonderful it was to have a precious little curly-haired baby doll of my very own!

Quickly, your tiny little swirls of hair
transformed into ringlets,
and they grew and grew
until you had a headful of long curly locks.

Just before your third birthday,
I had your pretty hair trimmed,
and so we said farewell to the ringlets.
I've cut it twice more since then,
and while your little curls are still hanging in there,
I'm not sure if they'll last forever.

I just want you to know:
no matter how your hair changes,
You'll always be beautiful to me.

BUT while you've got those curls,
you should definitely flaunt them, sweet boy.

**Just a little word of advice:

I love you, Curly Q!


Sweet November


This time of year is pretty wonderful. People take time to reflect,
find the good in life, and recognize all the things that make them thankful.
I give thanks for so many things...
but at the top of the list is you.



October Leftovers

Sweet boy with the fun Fall decorations at Gennie & Grandad's house. He loved helping her pick out
scarecrows and "punkins" to display.

While we were exploring in the most idyllic, picturesque little town, I couldn't help but think that I had stepped into the set of my favorite Halloween movie ever: Hocus Pocus! Just look at those perfectly spooky Colonial houses! While we were there, Hudson got to pick his very first piece of Alabama cotton.

We stopped to enjoy a beautiful Fall day atop Monte Sano Mountain after taking Hudson's Halloween photos. He has really started to relish in the act of "getting dirty". If he is scrambling around in the crunchy Autumn leaves or collecting rocks and sticks in the woods, he is a very happy boy. (And he LOVES bugs.)

This month:
Hudson seemed to look like a big boy overnight. // He rocked his very first 3D movie: Finding Nemo! // He began sleeping with his favorite stuffed buddy, Bubbles. They are inseparable.

We had Halloween fun while shopping. // We ate delicious biscuit beignets for brunch. // We enjoyed the October sunshine at the park.

Hudson showed off the new "tricks" he learned at Little Gym. // I gave his pretty hair a trim. // He sported some fresh, new overalls at his favorite Sunday spot: Barnes & Noble.

We enjoyed our yearly tradition of pumpkin carving....no fancy faces this year, just a classic snaggletooth grin for our Jack-o-Lantern. Hudson liked helping Daddy scoop out the gooey stuff, and we all liked eating the spicy pumpkin seeds that I baked after we finished creating our Halloween masterpiece. 

Farewell, sweet October.
You were a good one.
Until next year,