Hullabalu and Hudson

Is there anything better than getting a package at your door? 
Everyone gets excited over a special delivery,
and my little Hudson is no different....

Last week,
a pretty, turquoise box with a fuzzy friend inside,
arrived on our doorstep.
Hudson's sweet surprise came courtesy of the nice folks at
which is an awesome NEW kid's brand,
featuring the cutest plush characters with fantastical story lines.

The terrific tiger we received is made by Wild Republic,
and he is just one of the many terrific toys that served as inspiration for
Hullabalu's very own stuffed animal line.

Hudson felt love at first sight for his new tiger friend.
As he opened the box, he kept saying:
"Who sent me this?!" and "I love my new present!!"
I told him that the gift was from Hullabalu,
and he quickly decided that he would name his cuddly buddy just that....

I can NOT wait to see all the 
whimsical friends that Hullabalu unveils...
I think their website will be the perfect place to start my Christmas shopping.
Here's a sneak peek at their first creation,
the lovely Pandora Beribolt (also known as Pan):

Want to shop Hullabalu?
You are invited....click here!

Here is a little video of Hudson & Hullabalu: 


Raven said...

He. is. something. else.

that hat. HIS CURLS....still!!! He is one gorgeous child.

Ash I have missed you!!!!

Judy said...

Is it bad that I want to lightly push Hudson out of the way so I can hug that tiger?! Looks so soft! :) Can't wait to check their site out. Thanks for sharing!!!

Hima said...

He might just be the cutest kid. ever :) Happy weekend!


la petite lulu said...

Your little man looks so thrilled to have that tiger! He's gorgeous! And Hullabalu is an awesome name :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Oh my gosh. How cute is he?! Loving that hat. Please tell me he's on the front of a magazine or something. Ahhh!

Haley K said...

Oh. My. Cuteness. What a sweet package! I love the turquoise. And seeing Hudson, in the photos and the video, love on his new Tiger friend is adorable. I'm going to have to check out this Hullabalu company. :)

Meri said...

Neat stuff! I love the idea of the story with the toy. I"ll have to check them out!

Mariel Torres said...

Oh my goodness, now i want one too. haha i love how hudson says "hullabalu"... it's the cutest thing!

Hope you have the best weekend my sweet friend!

Shauna said...

Too cute, that son of yours is. Christmas shopping, hmmmm, yes it's not that far away. How can that be? These stuffed animals are precious, I am not going to let my kids, especially daughter see because their room is bursting at the seams with these sweet creatures. :) Love ya,

Shauna xxoxoxo

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable! He loves his Hullabalu tiger.
Can he get any cuter?!

Chrissy said...

Aw, this is super cute! Love it! He looks so happy with his cozy tiger! xxx

Chelsea said...

Oh goodness, what a sweet pair :)

meghan said...

This is so cute! I love your post and the video you made. How sweet is he? It's so nice that he's so appreciative!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh he is adorable! what a sweet sweet post

livlovelaugh said...

omg! HE IS SO ADORABLE! GAHHHHH I'm like squealing over here! Looking at him hugging that tiger~ OMG my heart just melted.


erica[goodjobmomma] said...

so stinking adorable!!! what a cutie! i love children and new fluffy toys. :)

Gentri said...

Adorable, as always!!

justicepirate.com said...

I love how Hudson said Hullabalu so well. My Micah can't say Ls. . .he would say huyyabalu.
These are such cute shots. I never heard of this place before either.

Courtney B said...

Oh my good grief. Hudson is so precious! Sweetest little boy EVER!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh what a cutie he is and that tiger looks awesome! The video of Hudson is adorable but I especially like the dialect blog you and Will did! I hadn't seen it before it is was so fun to watch.

Cara-Mia said...

Ah he is just too cute! Now he knows how great it is to get mail haha. :)

Hullabalu said...

It always feels so good when you receive a package at your front door. Great picture Swoop. You can just see the excitement in Hudson's face. He does love his Hullabalu.


Dianne Tho said...

such lovely pics. i just discovered your blog and i like it so i'm following you. i'd love if you could take a look on mine. xoxo

Kristin Reynolds said...

omgosh so cute, love this he is adorable!!<33



misc.alaina said...

Look how sweet he is hugging and kissing his new toy, so precious! Such an awesome gift, and I will have to check out that site with birthdays and Christmas just around the corner!!