Bella Rustica

The awesome-ness that was Bella Rustica just about blew me away.

(let me set the scene)
Imagine a grand, stone barn perched in the picturesque, rolling hills of beautiful Tennessee,
filled with the most lovely vintage goods, amazing antiques, and inspiring artwork.

I mentioned a bit about it before, but you guys, this was one really cool event to help out
a really great cause. Bella Rustica is an annual fundraiser held by AGAPE Nashville, a wonderful organization that serves the needs of families and children in Middle Tennessee through adoption, foster care, unplanned pregnancy support services, and faith-based counseling and psychological services with an unconditional, agape love.

 This year Bella Rustica was held at Milky Way Farms...which as you may remember,
we visited once before. (Take a look!) The very kind Linda Lindley from AGAPE Nashville contacted me a while back regarding the photos that I had taken of the farm, and I was glad for her to use some of my work to promote the event. Subsequently, she invited my family to visit Bella Rustica...and I'm so glad we did!

The vintage barn marketplace was filled with juried vendors who clearly have a flair for vintage style!
The barn was filled with repurposed and handmade items that were creatively displayed in dazzling ways! We saw everything from old silhouette art to vintage crystal balls. Swoon! I especially loved everything in the Old School Vintage booth. Their display was amazing...from the beautiful chalkboards to the flour sack towels...it was all FABULOUS.

And the food? I can't even.
Hudson and I shared a bowl of hot tomato bisque with homemade jalapeno cheddar bread.
Will had a big barbecue sandwich with slaw and baked beans.
And then we all split a FRIED Snickers bar. Seriously delicious.
Tennessee knows how to do good food. 

And as if our day couldn't get any better,
guess who was entertaining the crowd in the barn?
Please tell me you've heard of them?
They're great great great.
Go ahead and take a listen:

Something Stupid by The Secret Sisters on Grooveshark

We had so much fun at Milky Way Farms.
A BIG thanks to AGAPE and Bella Rustica for showing us a wonderful time.
I have more to show from our little Tennessee adventure,
so stay tuned!


Natasha said...

This looks like so much fun!!!

Janette said...

DUDE! I'm no surprised she contacted you to join the party.. Your images are dazzling friend.. I don't say it enough.. But you are truly gifted! Your "eye" is impeccable! I wish you'd reconsider photographing on the side.. I'd hire you stat!


rachel said...

um, FUN! and beautiful!!! i swear, your life is like a movie that i want to watch over and over again, and you have the most amazing eye for putting all of your pictures in the perfect collage to showcase your days....you make ordinary days seem magical and magical days seem absolutely mind blowing....you're such a creative inspiration to me...and those boys of yours? well, they're pretty darn cute too!!

p.s. hudson likes jalepeno cornbread? bless his little heart!!! ben will eat the HECK out of a bowl of jalepeno grits! i think they would be good buddies :)

Chrissy said...

Oh wow, this looks awesome and to think that this is all for a good cause...wonderful! I bet I would have left broke if I would have been there, lol!
Btw, love your gorgeous dress - you look amazing! xxx

Ashley said...

What a GREAT evening!! I am in love with Hudson's curls.

PS. Do you do blog design?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

It's like Pinterest exploded in there.

justicepirate.com said...

AGAPE is soooo great and I love the Bella Rustica set up! How amazing. It must be great to be there. Fried snickers bars sounds very unique. I have not heard the secret sisters. I will listen to your clip after I comment!

justicepirate.com said...

That Secret Sisters song. . .amazing. I must hear more!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love the composition of your pictures so much. You are so talented! How do you get them to appear side-by-side in your post? It tells such a nice story that way! Glad the event was fun!

Ana said...

I love your pictures! It sounds like it was a magical time :)

Kristian said...

Oh my goodness! This looks like one of the coolest events! Thanks for sharing with us.

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

These photos are amazing! Looks like a complete and total blast<3

ox from NYC!


Kira said...

What a beautiful event! Your photos are lovely and reading you describe the food made me really wish I was near Tennessee!

A Candy Bar said...

This was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was really not sure what to expect but it was fun walking through and checking out all of that cool stuff. Great pictures Swoop.


Izumi Bogen said...

these photos are so beautiful!

the southern hostess said...

This looks amazing! Makes me wish I was there.

Andrea {Yesterday's Tomorrow} said...

Holy crap this place is real?! I love absolutely everything about this, those crystal balls are amazing! Your photos are great :)

xoxo andrea

misc.alaina said...

So much beauty there! Loving all of the vignettes! Those have to be some of the prettiest antiques I have seen. And that food sounds delicious!! How perfect that the sisters are barefoot on stage. So glad you enjoyed a wonderful time!

Chelsea said...

LOVE. what a gorgeous event! And that food sounds fantastic!

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

wow!! that looks like an amazing event and so much fun! vintage sometimes overwhelms me. i love it so much, but put me in a room with a whole lot full and i get all weird.

your little one is just too cute for words!! :)

thanks for being a follower love!

Laura Elizabeth said...

This is like my DREAM festival. It is GORGEOUS! Sorry, I needed to use all those capital letters :) Ugh, everything is perfect!!

I have been away for a while and have missed your posts. Whew, little Hudson isn't so little anymore!

ALSO, I literally just brought tickets to see The Civil Wars when they make their way to Australia. I'm so excited. I always think of you when I hear them because you introduced me to them.

Charles said...

what a sweet post! fabulous photos as always, such a joy to read :)


Kristin Reynolds said...

your blog is absently perfect I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! i literally favored your blog on my computer haha ahh can't wait to keep following you!!



Ashley said...

You had me at jalapeno cheddar bread! That sounds like an amazing event. I had heard that song before but didn't know is was the Secret Sisters... now I'm going to listen to more of their music. (:

Jennifer Blair said...

Wow! This is my kind of event! I love that it's for a great cause too! Love your photos!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

We have pretty much always lived in Tennessee and have never been there. These great pictures have made me want us to go check it out!

Simona said...

Mmm, it looks great and your dog is so sweet ;)

My Journey With Candida said...

How FUN!!! I was in Nashville a few weeks ago, too bad this wasn't going on then.

Haley K said...

First of all, you dress, it's LOVELY. I'm in the market for a long sleeve dress to wear with tights and cute boots (your nude ones are fantastic) this fall, yours is perfection. :)

And that event, OH SO charming!! From the crystal balls to the chalk board typography you mentioned...to the vintage goods every where you looked, to the live music. What a night! AGAPE Nashville sounds like an incredible organization to support. Looks like you three had a wonderful time.

And now you throw a fried snickers into the mix???! My stomach is growling. :)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Wow, you've captured the event beautifully! Outstanding photos! I had such an outstanding time myself there.. missing the muffled crunch of the hay underfoot already. :)

Cara-Mia said...

Ah I would LOVE to go to something like this! It looks so fun, and totally has my kind of vibe! Your photos are amazing, by the way.