Trick or Treat!

This was the first year that Hudson really grasped the goodness that is Halloween.
He wore his fuzzy "hoot owl" suit, grabbed his pumpkin bucket,
and started off down the street at dusk.
He was "soo as-sited!"
(which translates to: soo excited!)

I was so proud of my big boy as he walked down the street,
looking for each house that had a "punkin" lit up on the porch.
He would ring the doorbell and sweetly say "TRICK or TREAT?"
And as we moved from house to house he sang a little made-up tune to himself,
"ghosts love halloween! hey hey hey hey HEY!"

After about eight houses he decided his pumpkin bucket was too heavy,
and he was ready to go home and have dinner,
so he loaded up in his wagon and called it a night.

He got so much candy.
We all smiled alot.
It was a really SWEET night.

p.s. I'm Punky Brewster!! Anybody remember her? She was my favorite. I know there has to be some '80's kids out there somewhere, right? Punky POWER!!


Whoooooo's ready for Halloween?

Hope your Halloween is a real HOOT!


The Prettiest Month

"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
-- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The views from Huntsville's Monte Sano Mountain are beyond beautiful this time of year,
don't you think?


I'm growing up.

(after pulling a flower from a house plant)
Hudson: "Look Mama!"
Me: "Where did you get that?"
Hudson: "It's from the garden!"

(looking at my leather boots)
Hudson: "Can I try these on for size?"

(eating chicken wings with Daddy)
Hudson: (taking a bite) "It's hot!!"
Will: "It's got hot sauce on it."
Hudson: "I don't want hot sauce. I want cold sauce!"

(Hudson was coughing in the car after leaving a friend's birthday party)
Me: "Are you ok?"
Hudson: "I'm fine....I think I just did a little too much running."

(watching a school bus outside the window)
Hudson: "A school bus!! Is it coming to pick me up?"
Me: "No, Hudson, you're too little!"
Hudson: "I know. But, I can go to school! I'm growing up!"

(waking up one morning, after I let him sleep in the bed with me, he snuggled very close to my face)
Hudson: "I love you so much, Mama. I love being close to you."

(at McDonald's, Hudson noticed that the girl working at the window was wearing a coat)
Hudson: "Is she wearing a coat!? Why is she wearing a coat, Mama?"
Me: "I guess she's cold."
(the girl comes back to the window)
Hudson: (yelling from the back seat) "ARE YOU COLD!????"

(handing me a cookie)
Hudson: "You only need one oreo, Mama. These have too much sugar."

(telling me to come in his room)
Hudson: "Get up off of that 'fing!"

(every time I tell him that he needs to wash his hands)
Hudson: What did I do, Mama?

(out of the blue, while riding in the car)
Hudson: "I want to CHANGE the WORLD!"

I have no doubt you will change the world, 
my sweet, amazing boy.


Hullabalu and Hudson

Is there anything better than getting a package at your door? 
Everyone gets excited over a special delivery,
and my little Hudson is no different....

Last week,
a pretty, turquoise box with a fuzzy friend inside,
arrived on our doorstep.
Hudson's sweet surprise came courtesy of the nice folks at
which is an awesome NEW kid's brand,
featuring the cutest plush characters with fantastical story lines.

The terrific tiger we received is made by Wild Republic,
and he is just one of the many terrific toys that served as inspiration for
Hullabalu's very own stuffed animal line.

Hudson felt love at first sight for his new tiger friend.
As he opened the box, he kept saying:
"Who sent me this?!" and "I love my new present!!"
I told him that the gift was from Hullabalu,
and he quickly decided that he would name his cuddly buddy just that....

I can NOT wait to see all the 
whimsical friends that Hullabalu unveils...
I think their website will be the perfect place to start my Christmas shopping.
Here's a sneak peek at their first creation,
the lovely Pandora Beribolt (also known as Pan):

Want to shop Hullabalu?
You are invited....click here!

Here is a little video of Hudson & Hullabalu: 


Spirit Voices in the Cemetery

Put me outside on a perfectly crisp Fall day,
surrounded by gorgeous, changing leaves and my two favorite guys,
and I am a happy girl.
Add a few ghost stories and I'm positively thrilled.

On Sunday we joined in on some fun
at Huntsville's annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll.
There were more than 65 notable Huntsvillians
that "came to life" beside their respective graves,
to tell stories filled with history, humor, and even a taste of horror.

There are over 80,000 people buried in the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama,
and so many of them have fascinating tales....

The legendary actress Tallulah Bankhead was born in Huntsville,
and is said to pay ghostly visits to the grave of her mother, Adelaide, who is buried in Maple Hill.

Elizabeth Dale Gibbons Flanagan Jeffries High Brown Routt,
otherwise known as the Black Widow of Hazel Green,
visits the grave of her second husband.
She lived through the deaths of all SIX of her husbands,
her only daughter, and her father, who just happened to die while he paid her a visit.

David Todd, a confederate officer and the brother in law of Abraham Lincoln, is buried there, along with Jeremiah Clemens, Mark Twain's first cousin. There's also the US and Confederate Senator Clement Claiborne Clay, who was charged with complicity in the murder of President Lincoln.

Sally Carter, one of the city's most notorious ghosts, is said to have a hidden grave in the cemetery.
She died in Huntsville's Cedarhurst Mansion before the age of 16 in 1832,
and spooky sightings of Sally go all the way back to 1919. 

Perhaps the most curious story of all belongs to
Mary Chambers Bibb,
who died in 1835 and was laid to rest in Maple Hill's first mausoleum.
She was to marry the handsome son of Alabama's 2nd Governor.
In the days leading up to her wedding, Mary began drinking Epsom salts to lighten her skin.
You see, she wanted to be a beautiful bride.
Unfortunately, a new servant, who could not read, brought her poison to drink instead of Epsom salt.
Mary immediately knew that something was wrong, 
and the doctor was summoned.
 He gave her two months to live.
Her prospective groom lovingly insisted they be married, despite the terrible news,
and a ceremony was held.
He even presented her with a rocking chair that he had made for her as a wedding gift.
She spent her final days rocking in her beloved chair.
When the time came to bury her,
Mr. Bibb chose to place her in the mausoleum,
sitting up in her rocking chair,
wearing her wedding gown.
Rumor has it, if you visit Maple Hill at night, 
you can hear Mary Chambers Bibb's rocking chair creaking 
as she rocks inside her mausoleum.
Pretty creepy, huh?