Woo Girl (I'm Still Standing)

Elton John showed up in Alabama,
decked out in fabulous purple sequins and ready to rock.
He played for almost 3 glorious hours, 
singing beautifully to a back catalog of amazing music;
slow ballads, then quick tempo tunes, and then fun songs that make you dance in your seat.
Which I did.
And I let out a big "Wooooooo!"
when he played my favorite song.
Or second favorite song.
Or, let's be honest, pretty much any song I knew the words to.
(which may or may not be all but three that he played.)
Because I AM a Woo Girl.
True story.
You know about Woo-girls, don't you?

The Urban Dictionary defines them as this:
a female who is often found going 'WOOOOOO!' in public. this behaviour is most often exhibited while in the presence of other woo-girls. this behaviour can most easily be observed in nightlife districts, at maroon 5 concerts, or spring break destinations.

There were tons of Woo Girls at the concert.
I bet you're probably one, too. 

But, unfortunately, Will and I were seated amongst a calvacade of Debbie Downers.
Debbie Downer.....a Woo Girl's worst enemy. 

They frowned a lot, NEVER danced, and barely clapped after each song.
Seeing one of the most popular and successful musicians in life? SUCH a YAWN.

But no matter.
Those folks didn't ruin my time.
You just can't keep a good Woo-Girl down. 

\\ Some highlights from last night:
--starting off the show with Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
--B-B-B-Bennie and the JETSSSSSSSSSSSS 
--hearing Levon, one of my most favorite songs....LIVE
--an obscure favorite, Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters, turning up in the set list.
Elton said he was playing it in memory of 9/11.
--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Love Love Love.
--hearing Daniel, the song that reminds Will of his older brother Sam.
--I'm Still Standing. Seat dancing song numero uno.
--Elton in true form during The Bitch is Back.
After he finished the song,
he hopped on top of his black grand piano with a flourish
and bathed in wild applause.
--The way he sang the encore like a love letter to his fans. Your Song.

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Tickled Pink said...

I would love to see him!! Sounds like a great concert!

Andrea C said...

This has to be the best post I've read in a while, Elton John freaking rocks! Levon totally knocks me to my knees, I can't even imagine what would happen live, lucky you!!

xoxo andrea

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Ok, so I feel like there is a common theme here ... and that is lucky you!!

Mariel Torres said...

You two are seriously too cool... what an awesome date! you look as gorgeous as ever my lovely friend.


Ashley said...

That sounds just awesome! Glad you didn't let any debbie downers keep you from being a wooo girl. Why even go to a concert unless you're going to live it up?! I'm sure seeing Elton John would be amazing.

Carlie said...

That sounds and looks like a fun concert! Too bad you were by the Debbie Downers! I would have been a woo girl too! =)

Ashley said...

Oh wow!!!! What a night. I feel like I was there (kinda)...I wish I had been.

I'm pretty sure I'm a WOO girl too!!! Why were those Debbie Downers even there?? Crazy!

Kyla said...

Oh wow that sounds like an amazing night! Elton John is incredible.

WOO MAN said...

Swoop, I am so glad we got to go. I had such a great time with my little WOO Girl!


Kristian said...

That is SO cool... I went to a concert of his once (the only time he'll probably ever come to anywhere near where we live. It was to raise money after the Matt Shepard murder...) But I was a kid and couldn't appreciate it. That is so neat!

Cara-Mia said...

Hahaha love that you're a Woo girl! (By the way, have you ever seen the How I Met Your Mother episode of this? My husband and I love that one haha.)

Why did those Debbie Downers even go to such a fabulous concert?? So weird! Glad you had fun. Wish I could see him live. :)

Judy said...

I NEVER understood the people who went to concerts and just stood/sat there.

lindsey's world said...
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Bridget said...

(signed into the wrong account there!)--i looove levon. and i have heard he gives an amazing concert. so fun.

meghan said...

amazing!! He's here in concert tonight. We were talking about going but didn't because Tim got off work late. So jealous! I LOVE Elton...I want to see Billy Joel too. My God those guys are awesome.

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh my goodness you got to see Elton John live!!! and almost 3 hours holy cow-at his age that is very impressive. I bet that was such a fun concert. Not to mention you and your man both looked Fabulous.
ps I'm totally a woo-girl! ;)

The House of Shoes

Mrs. Pancakes said...

What a fun date!! I love Elton...he is too fab!!

Haley K said...

At concerts, sporting events, talent shows, you name it....I'm always a Woo Girl! The Urban dictionary definition cracked me up. :) I would have been up dancing with you Ashley!! Sorry about the debbie downers around you guys. I'm glad you still have such a fantastic time at the Elton John concert with your hubs! He is an awesome entertainer. :)

PS - I totally looked through the comments to see if Will commented (i love that he comments on your posts)...and I definitely found him. "woo man" you rock my world :)

Janette said...

I knew you were a WOO girl! I just KNEW IT! I'm in between a woo girl and a debbie downer..lol I like to really enjoy the music and take in the experience, so I may come across as a Debbie Downer cause I can't do two things at once.. But I do like rocking out and having fun as well.. Glad you enjoyed yourself friend! You deserve it!


kyna... said...

I am still so so so jealous! What a fun and amazing night!
♥ Kyna
(I would have TOTALLY gone in the Debbie Downers place!)