Scarecrows in the Garden

Walking through the beautiful Autumn blooms,
past lots of cute, creative scarecrows
(some that were creepy and a few that were cheerful) 
was the most perfect way to say hello to Fall!

Little Hudson was a bit unsure about the scarecrows at first,
and wouldn't get very close to the straw-filled friends.
But after he figured out that they were "pretend" and made of hay,
he got a little more comfortable.

As we were loading up in the car afterwards,
Hudson had it all figured out.
He said:
"That was fun! I was scared of just vreee of dem. But they were just for 'tend. They were made with hay."

Then he said:
"oh! Guess what's coming on tv tonight...Big Brover!!"
(hahaha. He had the wrong night, but sounds like he loves Big Brother on CBS as much as his Mama & Dada!)
Is anyone else watching??

We had a great day in the Gardens.
The spooky and kooky fun we had
on the Scarecrow Trail
has quickly become
a favorite fall tradition.


Jeannie said...

We had so much fun that day just strolling through the Gardens. I enjoyed seeing all the unique scarecrows and just spending the day with you and Hudson. We have made a lot of good memories there!

misc.alaina said...

That looks like such a fun outing! Lots of creativity and fun! Love that Hudson was only scared of "vree" - so cute!!

Mariel Torres said...

oooh it's a fall wonderland! I'm definitely a summer girl but fall is definitely becoming a second favorite :)

Devon Riesenberg said...

OMG that place is incredible! I wish he had something like that here, but we don't have too many wide open space down here...I LOVE Fall!

Sadie Dear said...

I followed along quite a while back, but I don't think I realized then you were from Alabama? Yeah! Roll Tide! =)

Ashley said...

You guys have some of the most fun adventures! I loved the photos of your fall tradition. I'm not sure if there's anything like that in Florida... maybe the northern part of the state? I might need to look into fun fall things to do here, and maybe it would feel more like fall. (:

Taylor said...

This was adorable! I just love how your blog works, no words but your pictures are so in your face to tell the story with no words. This looks like such a fun place to go!! I need a baby to go do these things with!

Cindy P said...

That's such an awesome place to go! I love this little adventure! I wanna go there, too. I'm coming to visit! lol
I LOVE Hudson's little "revelation" about Big Brother. haha!! Too cute!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

How cute! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch this year. Even though Andy says that I'm far to old to go on the pony rides. Pssh.

P.S. I'm in love with that sweater.

Kyla said...

These photos just make me ache for cooler weather! It reminds me of where my parents used to take me as a kid :) Looks like a fun adventure. Ps - I love your sweater!

Jenna said...

This is so clever. They did such an amazing job with their halloween displays. I love the scarecrow with the potted head. Also, the alabama/auburn shirt. I lived in alabama for 6 months and it defiantly made me laugh.

sweet harvest moon said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait for fall and cooler weather!

Anonymous said...

The Dragon and angel one are gorgeous. Some of these are pretty freaky! What a unique and fun thing to go see though! I love Hudson's outfit too!! How pretty!! I'm glad he figured out that they were "pretend".

rachel said...

you NEVER fail to make me smile, swee tgirl...and would you just please notice the way Hudson is looking at you in that first picture of the two of you? it's like he's got the whole world in his eyes! i can just see the tiny little hearts flying out......who can blame him? he loves his mama!!!

those scarecrows are COOL! what a fun thing to do! although, it's a little early for me. i'm hanging on to summer with a death grip....

your fox sweater? to die for.


Ana said...

How adorable!!!

Kristian said...

Haha! Some of those are so cute and clever (a few just weird/scary looking...). What a fun fall activity.

Simona said...

You´re such a cute family and your pictures are full of positive energy!:)

Midheta Agic said...

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A Scarecrow said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. Some of those scarecrows are scary. I mean did you see the Gene Monster one at the end. Hudson looked like he was excited for some and scared of a few. He always has a good time there.


Shay said...

What a fun place! I love your pictures so much, they make me even more excited for fall! And I am SO excited to read about what a great time you had at Elton John last night!

Lucia M. said...

I love autumn! I want to jump and lay down on a carpet of leaves!

Meredith said...

hudson's little sweater is so adorable!
i love fall, so glad it's here.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Such a fun outing!! Great pictures and big brover too

Haley K said...

Seriously incredible!! I looked through it all thinking how much Brooks would love it! (after, much like Hudson, getting used to the fact that they're just pretend;) And I scrolled back over them to pick my favorites....ummm, I love them ALL. But the ones I can't get over are the dragon, the Wizard of Oz trio, the garden brew cup, and Balee the dog. :) yay for fall!