Don't Get My Pretty Hair Wet

(in the bathtub)
Hudson: "No, Mama! Don't get my pretty hair wet!"

(talking to my Dad)
Hudson: "Grandad? Do you have a mustache?"
Grandad: "Yes, I do. You might have a mustache one day."
Hudson: "I want to be like you, Grandad."

(after seeing a subscription card inside a magazine, he started to tear it out)
Hudson: "I want to recycle that."

(riding in the car)
Hudson: "No, Mama! That's not the way!"
Me: "We are just taking a shortcut."
Hudson:"Oh!" (giggling) "I 'fought we were taking a detour."

(talking to Will)
Daddy: "You want to go outside and play?"
Hudson: "Yes! We certainly can!"

(feeding cereal to the dog)
Hudson: "Aww! He's happy! Pacey SMILED at me"

(while playing kitchen)
Hudson: "Mama, I need your phone. To do a recipe."

(after asking Hudson if he needed to use the potty)
Hudson: "No 'fanks. That was just a toot. Not poo-poo. I gotta keep that toot!"

Me: "Hudson do you want to watch a movie?"
Hudson: "Totallllllly."

(at the doctor's office)
Hudson: "I'm going to snoot at that doctor!"
(as doctor enters the room Hudson snorts like a pig then giggles)

Me: "I love you, sweet pea!"
Hudson: "I love you, sweet tea!"

(riding in the car)
Hudson: "Mama, turn the music down so you drive better."

(while eating cereal on a Saturday morning with Will)
Daddy: "Take smaller bites, okay Hudson?"
Hudson: "No, Dada, I take big bites like you. I want to be big like you."

(while staying with my Aunt & Uncle, he was getting a little feisty)
Great Aunt Cheryl: "Well, my goodness, Dennis the Menace!"
Hudson: "Heeeeeeeeey Mr. Wilson!"
(she had no idea that we love to watch that movie.)

(saying goodbye to his grandfather Gig as he got in his car to leave)
Gig: "Bye Bye Hudson. See you later."
Hudson: "Don't forget to buckle your seat belt."
(Hudson always has to make sure that people have their seat belts buckled. He always asks to see that everyone is buckled when we are riding in the car.)

(leaving our friends' house)
Me: "Bye! Thanks for having us."
Hudson: "Bye-Bye! Oh! Thanks for seeing us."

(after having a bad dream, Hudson came to lay in our bed)
Hudson: (whispering) "Mama, let's hold hands."
Our little Hudson.....equal parts sweet and sassy.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Oh my heart. It just melted.

After helping a friend's son with a bloody nose over the weekend, he was scared that it would never stop. I told him that Andy once had surgery on his nose and there was a lot of blood but it stopped. He looked up at me with wide eyes and said, "Now Andy has no NOSE?!" I tried so hard not to laugh while explaining it to him. Kids are so funny.

Cindy P said...

Oh my gosh. This is precious! I think my favorites are about him tooting, you taking a shortcut, and telling you to turn the music down so you drive better! bahaha! Too funny!!

Also, I must say I LOVE your new layout. Gosh I'm so tired of mine but I have no idea how to change it up to make it look snazzy like these kinds. =( Do you do it yourself or have help?

Kristian said...

You might have the cutest little boy ever. Adorable that he's so concerned about people's safety (and is very polite!)

Ashley said...

On my goodness. What a sweet 'tea' that Hudson is. What a cutie. Good thing he loves wearing his seatbelt at such a young age. (:

Bonnie said...

He really does have some amazng hair. Such a cutie!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Amanda said...

what a little sweetie! i cannot wait for moments like this with my little girl. how adorable!

xo, amanda

rachel said...

my heart just exploded into a hundred million pieces, Ash.

jennifer blair said...

I just died a little inside. He is the most precious thing ever!

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness. What a precious boy!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

these are too cute!! i love the i need your phone. to do a recipe so stinkin' cute!

Ashley said...

"We certainly can" !!! I love it.

meghan said...

I think I leave this comment every time you do a post like this, but I just love when you share these. Hudson is so sweet and cute.

Haley K said...

The perfect mix of sweet & sassy for sure!!

I love that he said your dog smiled at him. :)

And can you even imagine him with a cute mustache like his grandad some day!? SO SWEET.

I use my phone for recipes all the time too! At the store, and in the kitchen. :) How adorable that Hudson wanted to use it while he pretended to be a little chef. What was he making? ;)

And now I'm dying to watch "Dennis The Menace" it's been much too long :)

Janette said...

LOL Hudson is such a smarty!! WHAT. A. DOLL! My favorite one was him telling you to turn down the music so you could drive better..LOL Goodness! Such a comedian that little one and SASSY!


Kira said...

What a sweetie. I love that he always makes sure everyone is buckled up!

My Journey With Candida said...

LOL.... He is so cute! You don't need to go anywhere for entertainment, you have it close to your heart.

misc.alaina said...

This kid cracks me up! Love that he told you to turn the music down to drive better! He does sound like a sassy one, but in the sweetest way possible!! Your posts like this always bring a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

haha music makes you drive worse? I loved the toot one!!!

Anonymous said...

This age is just too funny!!!

Inga said...

I love to read "whathudsonsaid" label :) This age is hilarious!

Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness! He is hilarious! These quotes made my day!!

A Big Guy said...

I am so glad you take note of all these funny things Hudson is saying. The Toot one is the funnest to me. I had one of those like the granddad quote. It was on a Saturday Morning before you had gotten up. Hudson and I were downstairs eating some cereal watching some toons. Hudson took a big bite and I told him to take smaller bites. He told me know dada I take big bites like you. I want to be big like you dada. I love our little guy and all of his little sayings.


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Equal parts sweet and sassy, I love that! That's the best way to be! Full of personality.. i'm sure your life is never boring :) You have raised a little gentleman, Ashley! xoxo

Shay said...

HA, Oh Hudson! What a cutie- I can't but can wait until Brodyn can talk;-) Have a great day, sweet tea!