Disney on Ice

Hudson LOVED seeing Disney on Ice.
The "Worlds of Fantasy" show
featured lots of his favorites...

He was super excited by:
--Mater, Lightning McQueen, and some more Cars
--Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald
--Woody & Bullseye, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex, Potato Heads, 
Sarge and Soldiers, and Lots o' Huggin' Bear

He was sort of into:
--Sebastian the Crab, Flounder, Ariel, and other undersea friends

And, he was really bored by:
(Clearly, this boy cares nothing about fairies.)

We had a blast.
we had awesome seats,
and Hudson got up close and personal with lots of characters.
Seeing the gleam in his eye as he watched just made our night.

I bet he'll remember this night for a long time. 
I still remember seeing Disney on Ice "Pinocchio" when I was a little one.

Have you ever seen Disney on Ice?


Heather Marie said...

So jealous, I would love to see this one! I'm a big kid. I've been to one, but I can't really remember what it featured.. It has been years. Glad your fam had such a good time!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

My sons would die over this! Such cute pics of hudson enjoying the show.

Haley K said...

I have no doubt he'll remember that magical night forever! I've never been to a Disney on Ice performance but I've only heard incredible reviews. :) And yours is added to the list! So glad you, Will, and Hudson had such a great time!


PS - your polkadots and Hudson's stripes...LOVE

PPS - how sweet that you remember Pinnichio on ice from when you were little! :)

Haley K said...

Yowza, PINOCCHIO I mean. ;)

Chrissy said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! All those wonderful Disney characters!! xxx

My Journey With Candida said...

LOL.... LOveD the comment you made that the boy cares nothing about Faries!! He is all BOY!!

Shay said...

Holy cow I am a little sad- our show was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT- no Cars, Toy Story etc... I thought it was the same show every year! You guys looked so cute- glad you had fun and had great seats!

Ashley said...

I haven't ever seen Disney on Ice, but I'm with Hudson... I think my favorites would have been the Toys and Cars characters... plus the classics like Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Looks like a fun time.

When are you going to visit Disney World?! ;)

meghan said...

What great seats!! How much fun. I've seen DIsney on ice!! We went as kids. I'm from Chattanooga and the UTC arena would have all of the "on ice" performances, and we always went! They were so much fun! That and Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey's Circus. Do they still even have that?

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my word. I so wish we could take Reagan to this- he would die over the Toy Story and Cars!! Great pictures!!

Meri said...

I would have been so majorly into this as a kid! I would have wanted to see Belle, she was my favorite!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Okay, I may be an adult and all, but I totally want to go to Disney on Ice now.

Bullseye said...

Hudson's little face lit up when he saw Mickey for the first time. Then as he saw the gang from Cars roll onto the ice. He was glued to the show for the rest of the night. It made my night to see him having so much fun.


Anonymous said...

That looks so fun!!!! I'd really love to see Disney on Ice one day, but I don't want my sons seeing the immodest characters even if they do have full suits on. :( They would probably not pay attention to the "girly" stories as they call them anyway though. Pretty much just how Hudson seemed bored by Tinkerbell. haha.
The Cars and Toy Story portions looked amazing!!!

Eva Marie said...

I am in love with his sweater. What a sweet heart. I think Liv would just be beside herself if we took her. I will look into this winter, it really does look like a lot of fun!

Janette said...

Okay.. So I went to Disney on Ice when I was about 20 years old with my bff at the time.. we were THE ONLY adults there without children.. Were we embarassed?? Uh.. Yeah! We were.. lol We had a blanket with us and I was telling my friend to wrap it and hold it so it looked like there was a kid inside.. lol That's how embarassed I was.. But HOT DOG! That show was amazing! I want to take my nieces for sure! They'd loove it!