Cool. Not Cool. Undecided.

--fall fashion trends--
Pretty dark shades for lips and nails? YES YES YES!

Seriously, you guys. I love bananas. Always have.
Then, after I had Hudson, I was suddenly no longer able to eat them. 
If I eat bananas, I get the most horribly terrible stomach pains in the world.
I'm talking doubled over in pain, sweating, pale....it's really awful.
So I've been avoiding bananas since I realized this problem,
but the other day at brunch I couldn't pass up the fresh fruit and yogurt.
It had TWO slices of banana, and those tiny two slices killed me. 
I'm talking a 4 hour debilitating stomachache.
Does anyone else experience this?!
--election time--
I'm all about expressing your opinion and supporting who you think is the best man for the job....
but why do folks have to be so snarky and mean when it comes to politics?
I have a BS degree in political science, 
so, obviously, I have a strong interest in our country and the way our government works. 
I appreciate it when people have strong political opinions and
I love that I live in these great United States, and I have the permission to vote the way I choose.
BUT I have issues with the people that are so passionate about their politics that they feel the need to give you "advice" on why your chosen candidate or political views are wrong. 
Let's remember to be kind and tolerant of others...
especially during election time!
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Cool / Not Cool / Undecided
to you this week?!


{av} | {long distance loving} said...

I'm loving "skirting the issue" too! I have it on right now ;) enjoy your weekend, lovely! xoxo {av}

Elisha said...

I LOVE Essie!! And I'm soo ready for fall clothing! (:

Andrea Cerqua said...

Skirting the issue is such a great fall color! Have you ever had heart burn/acid reflux? I get it SO bad from certain foods all of a sudden that I've never had any problem eating, the symptoms are very similar to what you described. Have a great weekend!

xoxo andrea

Emma Frances said...

Your banana thing is so weird and random! Maybe another pregnancy will switch it back? Haha. And I love the dark nailpolish and lip color for fall. I just love fall in general!!

Haley K said...

Oh Ash I love that nail color! From my computer it looks like a rich maroon/purple, am I right? :) And yay for deep lips! I'm looking for a good shade of dark lipstick for fall. Something that will make a fun mark on my hot chocolate mug :)

And I'm so sorry about the banana issue! I've heard of women becoming allergic to things after pregnancy :(

Lastly, AMEN to the political part. Extremists on both sides can be ruthless :( That's why I like to stay on the lighter end and just watch things like The Colbert Report. heehee He's sassy, but hilarious. Have you ever seen his show??

Lula said...

I love bananas b/c on weight watchers they have 0 points and they are so filling!

Andiepants said...

beautiful blog!!! I can't believe you've become "allergic" to bananas! nooooo! I love them!

and thanks for the new Essie, color...I HAVE to find new ones for my collection soon!

Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to read more about your happenings!

Andie's Traveling Pants

Marjorie said...

Love that nail color. So weird about the bananas. Maybe talk to your doctor about it? I know bananas are loaded with potassium. You could have your levels taken.

meghan said...

I really like the fall nail polishes after all. I didn't think I did at first, but I bought stylenomics and painted my nails tonight, and I bought a mini set of the OPI fall collection.

One Cool Dude said...

Well let me just tell you something.
COOL: Its Alabama Football Season.
UNCOOL: Obama did I type that I meant to type that you can not eat banana's anymore. Oh well more for me.
UNDECIDED: Not real sure. I like to form an opinion quick. Make a decision and move forward and stick with it.


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Oh yes, now I neeeeed that nail color! I love the dark lip trend (you ROCK it, mama!!) but I feel like I just look a little too vampy when I try! Sad! haha
Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my blog, sweet friend. Your encouragement is so very appreciated! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I do have people telling me who I should vote for, simply because my husband and I don't really like either candidate and are voting for virgil goode of the constitution party. My mom told me I was doing wrong by not voting for one of the other candidates and she even yelled at me which is very very very very unlike her, but I'm voting, and that's what is important. I don't understand why someone may vote for such and such people, but if they have a list of reasons for it as Rob and I have, that's a good thing. That's cool that you have a degree in regards with the political world.

I have never heard of people going through what you are with eating bananas. That is interesting!! Maybe you have developed an allergy of some sort to it?


kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

The banana thing? I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. After babies I can no longer eat almonds. I get the worst stomachache, and then I get really tired and have to nap it off. No other nuts, just almonds!

Judy said...

Iceberg lettuce gives me bellyaches after I had my little one! I can't even stomach a Moe's burritos with shredded lettuce in it.

I'm tired of all this election crap as well. Who wants to talk about the end of Melissa & Joey season 2?!

Ashley said...

Gah! I'm going to have to try that Essie polish. It looks gorgeous. Like I need another bottle of nail polish... oh well. (:

That's a bummer about the bananas. I have a super sensitive stomach and can't eat certain foods or it ends in pain... and I've never had a baby. Yikes!

blogatka said...

Beautiful color nail polish. Can I find a nail in Yves Rocher

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I heard- you can be allergic--
Banana was recognized as a food allergen to some people..

I have to watch what I eat also- due to having my gall bladder out after I had my baby girl-

Love all your pics of Hudson- he's getting so big!!!


Shay said...

UGH I so agree with you on the politics thing...same with religion. Why do we all have to get so worked up when someone disagrees with our views?

Janette said...

You are such a good friend Ashley! Thanks for participating.. This is by far thee BEST C.NC. U post ever!! Not so cool though is your aversion to bananas! Like.. WHY????? I love me some nanners! So sorry they cause you grief!


PS. Abou the politics thing.. Yeah.. People are so mean to each other and the candidates.. I mean.. I don't agree with lots of people, but I'm not going to start name calling.. I can't handle it.. Such a turn off...