Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It was one of those days when an unexpected burst of rain offered a welcome respite from the scorching heat. Thunder rolled in, and the hot sun quickly disappeared.
After the downpour, the sky turned a strange color...not quite grey, but not quite blue.
The clouds were clearly feeling a little peculiar.

Then, out of the gloom popped the most glorious rainbow. 
And it was the very first rainbow our little Hudson has ever seen!
He was so thrilled,
he skipped up and down the driveway,
smiling ear to ear.
He insisted on staying outside until the pretty colors faded away.
The rainbow made him sooooo happy.

I wonder if he knows that I feel that happy, too?
It happens every time I see him.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I miss rain. So so much. It has rained twice in that past two months. And each time it was just a few drops. Everything is so brown and bone dry. We could really use a rainbow around here :)

Emma Frances said...

What a gorgeous rainbow! And I love Hudson's reaction to it. That will always be such a fun memory.

Cindy P said...

I love rainbows. And I love that you got such beautiful pictures of it. I also love that Hudson has an appreciation for the beauty of rainbows! You are truly instilling in him the beauty and love of nature and of the small things. =)

Andrea said...

I love your last sentence. So true! I feel the same way about my kids:)

Anonymous said...

How very beautiful. I love when I see rainbows! Thank God for His reminders.
+Victoria / Justice Pirate+

Angie Mc. said...

so so sweet. the pictures...and the story.

rachel said...

and just like that, i am sitting at my desk crying happy tears....you always do this to me, you and sweet Hudson.

Sarah said...

God's covenant to his people is always something to smile about =) I love these photos. They are so dreamy.

- Sarah

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Oh you, gorgeous mama. You made me cry. Love your words. xoxo

(and your new blog header and picture on the side....stunning!)

A Pot of Gold said...

This was a damp hot day topped off with 2 beautiful rainbows. Rainbows have always fascinated me. Looks like hudson might just be a chip off the ole block. He was so excited to see it.


I like your new look. The black and white photo made me a little sad. I could tell it was taken in our old front yard.

Dianne Tho said...

uau, great pics

Eva Marie said...

Missed catching up with you guys. Weve had some lovely rain showers the last week or so and one last night late late at night while asleep at our cottage.. it was bliss.

I didnt think Hudson couldnt get any more handsome but the older he gets the more sweet he looks indeed :)

jennifer blair said...

How sweet! I saw a rainbow like that just the other day! I love it whenever I get to see one!

yours truly, melissa said...

how special to share your son's first rainbow together! :)

i really wish it would rain here!

Courtney B said...

Melt my heart, momma! This makes me even more excited to have my baby girl here in my arms!!

P.S. Do you want to set up and arranged marriage for Hudson and my daughter? I'm just sayin'... I think it's a GREAT idea ;)