Summer's Leaving.

I just heard the weatherman say that North Alabama will be saying 
a big hello to AUTUMN weather in about ten days.
I am excited.

Fall is my favorite season...
the cool, crisp air
cozy sweaters
football games
pumpkin spice
etc etc etc
I could go on & on.

even though I know I will be super excited
to welcome the change,
I know I'll also miss the happy Summer days,
and all the FUN things we did under clear blue skies and bright sunshine:
like seeing my sweet little Hudson
dance in the streets in his little summer jumper
as the excitement of a fabulous W.C. Handy Festival parade rolled through downtown.

So while we all still have Summer for a bit longer...let's get outside and enjoy it!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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40 Years Ago Yesterday...

....two cool cats got married. 

Happy Anniversary
to my Mom & Dad.

Wishing you 40 more happy years together!


Love of my Life

I love lilacs and avocados.
Ukeleles and fireworks,
Woody Allen,
and walking in the snow.

I love Lucy, and pumpernickel bread.
The Statue of Liberty and standing ovations,
and falling into bed. 

But you are the love of my life.
From the moment I first saw you,
the second that you were born,
I knew that you were the love of my life.

Quite simply,
the love of my life.

--Carly Simon

It never fails that I cry every time I hear that song.
my goodness,
how very true it is.
Hudson IS, quite simply, the love of my life.


Go Wild!

We had a really wild time at Hudson's third birthday party!
When celebration time rolled around, 
we had the party room at EarlyWorks Museum decked out
for one very special little wild animal lover....
there were balloons and presents and snacks and loved ones galore,
so when Hudson walked in for the first time,
he was beyond excited!

He loved opening all his awesome gifts.
The very first one he grabbed was a present from Will and I,
a very special book: On the Night You Were Born.
I really meant it to be more of a keepsake,
as I had inscribed a special message to him inside,
so when he picked that one first,
I thought to myself, "Oh! It's the book. I hope he's not disappointed."
But that little sweet guy acted like he'd just seen the 
best present in the world. His happy face made me melt, and then he
said, "OH! FaaaaankYou!"
Bless his little grateful heart. 
As he went through each present,
from sweet family and friends,
his smile just got bigger and bigger. 
He even serenaded the crowd with a 
rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to Hudson"
while opening gifts.
He is so precious.

Hudson was ecstatic about his colorful cake.
He absolutely couldn't wait to dig in. 
After he blew out the candles, 
and happily swayed along as he soaked up the love and attention
as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him,
he just couldn't resist digging in....
face first. 

After cake,
the little ones donned their wild animal party hats
and headed down to sit beneath the special talking tree
to enjoy a cute puppet show by Biscuit the Dog and friends.
Then, we headed over to the glorious children's fun land:
Biscuit's Backyard.
Hudson immediately made his way to the "back porch" and gave us 
a third performance of "Happy Birthday" to himself,
using the mini microphone for all to hear. 
Then, the playing began.
All the cute kiddos were loving it...
catching fish and riding cows and hauling hay and gathering eggs and delivering mail and grocery shopping and rolling around on the smooshy playmats.
Whew. There was a lot going on in there.
And a whole lot of laughter...
which I think signals a pretty successful party.
Mission Accomplished. 

Happy 3rd Birthday,
sweet Hudson.
I hope you always look back on this celebration with a smile.