Summer Love

many years down the road,
I will inevitably find myself thinking back to this very summer....
the summer just before Hudson turned three.
I imagine that when I'm reminiscing, memories of nights like THIS one 
will fill my head.

Sweet glimpses of:
my happy boy,
always dancing and laughing,
enjoying a perfect little picnic
under the summertime stars,
with my sweet husband
and my favorite cousin. 

And in that treasured thought,
I'll see me, too.
And I'll be SMILING really big,
because these summer days have truly been filled
with so much happiness.

Here's to family, love, and smiles...
and making unforgettable memories
out of the littlest moments.
Happy Summer!


Melanie said...

Most perfect summer day ever! YOU all are Such beautiful sweet people, & your loving words always make me smile!

Happy 4th girl!

Marjorie said...

Do sweet! That lunch so good and healthy!

A Summer Breeze said...

This was a fun night. I rushed home from work so we could enjoy some music in the park with Summer. The picnic you made us was great and the music was good too. Hudson was really into it. He was also into making friends, He seemed to really enjoy the family sitting next to us or maybe it was just the Finn Mcmissile action car. Then it was off to dance the night away right in front of the band. I hope to make some more Music in the park nights this summer.


misc.alaina said...

Looks like the perfect picnic! You have such a beautiful family, and Hudson is as cute as ever!!

Amber said...

so sweet. I everything you dress your little boy. He always looks so darn cute!

Amber said...

I meant I love everything...whoops.

Ashley Slater said...

so sweet----- I love your writing here, I felt like I was reading a book and reminiscing myself :)

My Journey With Candida said...

Happy Summer to you and also, Happy July 4th.

As always great pictures with your loved ones.

Jenny said...

That seriously looks like the perfect day...I really want to have a picnic now!!!
Modern Modest Beauty

rachel said...

you have such an amazing way with words, Ash....what a beautiful way to think of this....


Courtney B said...

LOVE this post!! I just can't wait to share my days with our own special little one :)