Recipe for a Happy Summer

Carousel Rides.
Just do it.
Grab a buddy, hop up there, pick out your favorite whimsical creature, hold tight and enjoy.
You're not too old, I promise.

Baseball Games.
Eat lots of stadium food, like hot dogs and popcorn and peanuts. Share some sticky, blue cotton candy. And don't forget your goofy foam finger.
The team ALWAYS wins when you wave a goofy foam finger. Right?

The great outdoors.
Soak up some sun. Relax. Enjoy every last drop of Summer goodness
...because it will be gone before we blink!
Is it almost August already?!


Sarah said...

I can't even believe it's almost August already. The only thing keeping me from getting depressed about it is how much I love Fall. All these pictures look like so much fun. I love the carousel ones =)

- Sarah

My Journey With Candida said...

That recipe is a real keeper. Summer is slipping away so fast. I will miss it when the North Winds Blow.

Cindy P said...

Awesome! I can't believe summer is going by so quickly! We've definitely enjoyed two of those things so far! The great outdoors and baseball games. Unfortunately Collin can't do carousels because they make him motion sick. I love them, though! And another unfortunate thing, we don't have any near us! We'd have to go to an amusement park and then I'd be riding alone! haha. And when the carnival or fair are in town it's not worth it to pay $5 for tickets to ride a ride by myself! But I do love a carousel.

Courtney B said...

Here I was... feeling sorry for myself because this summer has been kind of lonely and... lame. (I have such a good attitude.. ha ha) But I should be feeling very blessed! We've been able to enjoy all 3 of these!! Thank goodness I have amazing friends like you to give me a little wake up call and attitude adjustment :)

Summer Time said...

Cute post Swoop. Great pictures. This has been a great summer. I must say though I am looking forward o the end of August. Alabama football is right around the corner.


Meredith said...

I love this!
My summer is going by way too fast...but it's been fun :)
I have ride a carousel on my summer bucket list, I hope I check it off!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun to me! I love summer.

Chelsea said...

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a lovely summer!

misc.alaina said...

These shots are complete summertime goodness! And, that first carousel shot should be in a magazine!! I love how you guys make the most of life! Here's to the rest of what summer has to offer!!

Gaby said...

Ha i don't think i can go on a carousel without a child, right? Looks like fun though :)

Meri said...

haha- a few years ago my adult sister rode a carousel by herself to make our nieces laugh. it was priceless!

Haley K said...

Goodness...all of that sure makes for a fantastic summer indeed :) and the best part?? You have two cute boys to share it with!!

I'm hoping Brooks will warn up to ride by the end of them summer...there is a carousel and ferris wheel at this park in Salt Lake I'm during to take him to! I guess the wait for him to want to do it adds anticipation right??

And I LOVE hotdogs at baseball games!...with dip-n-dots of course :) I'm pretty sure Hudson is THE cutest thing in a baseball cap!

And you have cute toes Ash! :) Oh how the great outdoors and fresh air does a body good.

Haley K said...

Oh and Ashley, thank you from the bottom if my heart for your sweet words on my recent post...even though we've never met face to face, I absolutely look up to you. Your comment meant a lot to me... Like you said, most of the time as a Mom I about to burst with happiness!! It's those moments when I feel deflated that can get me down...but thank heavens for prayer and a loving Heavenly Father who picks me back up EVERY time. And you're right! We mamas should remember to give ourselves a pat on the back! As long as we're giving it our all, our children will be blessed... Thanks for the reminder friend. xoxo

Cara-Mia said...

Oh gosh I can't believe it's almost August! The summer is flying by.

Your photos are so gorgeous. You are talented, my friend.