Griswold Family Vacation

So, we didn't exactly take a crazy cross country trip to Waaaaaaaaaallly World,
and we didn't exactly wackily wield a BB gun to board a thrill ride,
our trip to Six Flags over Georgia
was definitely an exciting time from start to finish.

For starters,
we decided to visit Atlanta's awesome theme park
on THE hottest day EVER recorded in the city.
106 SQUELCHING degrees.
Just leave it to the Griswolds of the South
to trudge through a concrete jungle of roller coasters and sweaty people 
during a record breaking heat wave. 

As you can probably guess, though,
we survived.
And we had lots of fun, too.

The very first thing we did was enjoy some waterfall action
on an old favorite, the Log Jamboree. 
Hudson sat in the back with Daddy,
and the fellas left me to be flung around in the front of the floating log.
Down DOWN Down
and our little guy never made a peep.
He loved it. 
We may have a little thrill seeker on our hands...just like his Dad.

Then we saw an awesome show called Illuminate,
where dancers moved around to the beat wearing state of the art light-up costumes.
It was pretty great...and the cool blast of air conditioning was a very welcome occurance.

After a visit to Bugs Bunny World,
where Hudson rode the Little Aviator and Convoy Grande,
we found another one of my favorites:
The newly re-named and refurbished 
Monster Mansion,
which was actually one of the very first rides ever created at Six Flags in the '60's.
Hudson was a little unsure,
riding through the dark plantation in a boat,
but soon he saw that this ride was 
monstrously marvelous.

In the Lickskillet Section, 
we ran across a Wild West Comedy Show.
I would venture to say that it was Hudson's favorite part of the day,
and afterwards he even got to go up and take a photo with the zany crew.

We took a spin on the Riverview Carousel,
a bumpy jaunt on the Hanson Cars,
and Will and Hudson braved the Rockin' Tug.
Then, the three of us boarded the 
Peachtree Square Sky Buckets,
rode high above the park,
and landed just in time to board the train for a scenic tour of Six Flags.

Will was brave enough to ride the park's newest coaster,
DareDevil. Straight up and straight down....No THANK YOU.
But he loved it. 
While he waited in line, Hudson and I watched the cars going up and down and
round and round,
until we finally spotted Daddy.
We watched him wave as he went up the hill,
then coasted down fast.
Hudson SCREAMED the entire time...I guess he thought Will was in danger,
because the tears kept rolling until he spotted Daddy safe and sound.

Before leaving,we thought we'd go through the beloved Monster Mansion
once more,
at which point, Hudson suddenly and unexpectedly decided that he was afraid of monsters.
Not good.
He's been talking about a dreaded "Whistle Monster" ever since.

By the time the sun went down,
the three of us were soooooo hot and tired.
But as we hit the freeway into downtown Atlanta,
we had tons of good memories to take with us.


Faith said...

Awww just picturing Hudson crying because he was afraid his dad was in danger makes me sad, but it is do sweet at the same time.

Minus that, sounds like such a fun time! How cute that Hudson is a thrill seeker like his papa, too cute!

Great pictures like always!

Happy Weekend!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Fun fun fun!! Yay for family adventures! You guys are the best!

Stunning pictures.. girl I just love your creative eye and the way your process your images! Is there a specific action that you love that's your fave, or do you use different actions every time? If you want to, feel free to email me (ta.wolfe@hotmail.com).. but no worries if you don't want to share your secrets! :)

Michelle said...

Love your pictures! So pretty.

Juliette said...

Just perfect summer family time :)


My Journey With Candida said...

Whew!! I am tired just reading all the fun things you did. Hudson is a real trooper although him looking at that Ninja or whatever it was is priceless.

Thrill Seeker said...

This was a fun day to start our little weekend get away. We should have gotten out and taken that picture of your car out at the end of the parking lot. You know so we could have been the first ones there and the last to leave. I cant wait to go back someday when Hudson is old enough or big enough to ride with me.


Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

I drive by that six flags ever time I go to Atlanta! (which is a lot). I always so I'm going to stop but never do. Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had SO much fun! I love your photos -- I feel like I was there. =) Glad you had a fabulous trip...and survived that crazy heat!

misc.alaina said...

Looks like so much fun! I used to go to that Six Flags several times a summer back in high school! How cool that Hudson loved his first big ride! Will is already bored with the kiddie rides, so I can't wait until he is tall enough for some of the bigger ones! Loving all of your photos!!

Meri said...

Looks like a fun day- and I looove your bright outfit!

Cindy P said...

That sounds like such an awesome day! Collin and I love going to amusement parks! He's such a thrill seeker too. I enjoy roller coasters but not ones like that Dare Devil that Will rode! NO way! One of my favorites things about the amusement parks are the shows. Collin tells me that he thinks they're cheesy but he always enjoys watching them with me. Especially when it's so hot and we get air conditioner. =) You guys were so brave to go when it was that hot. I would have been MISERABLE and probably backed out. I'm wanting to go to Hershey Park or King's Dominion some time this year but I don't wanna go when it's so dastardly hot.

Cara-Mia said...

Wow! Although it was so hot, it still sounds like a good time! That's cute he's a thrill-seeker. It's much more fun to be that than a scaredy cat. (I speak from experience. I wish I loved rides.)

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness... what a FUN DAY! The heat would definitely kill me though, ha ha.
That is so sweet that Hudson cried and cried until he saw that dad was ok! What a precious boy you have, Ash!

I've been praying for you! Love you, Ashley!

Janette said...

Hudson got on that log ride??!!!!!!? WOW!!! I remember going on a log ride at 4 and I was PETRIFIED! What a trooper and brave kiddo! And yeah I would've cried too if I saw my dad go on that scary ride.. Seriously, how does that car stay on the tracks during that plunge?? I. Don't. Get. It. Glad you guys had such a fun time!

Janette, the Jongleur

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh such fun!! He is such a sweet precious little boy to be concerned about his daddy like that.

Meredith said...

Awh, this sounds like such a great time!
I love you & Hudson's outfits. So cute :)

& thanks for your comment on my new blog :)
I'm so excited about it & I'm glad you're reading it!

Haley K said...

holy hotness!!! 106...AND with the humidity I'm sure you had...you guys are troopers! And it doesn't look like that heat stopped you guys from having an awesome time. :)

The Log Jamboree looked so fun! and definitely refreshing! So glad little Hudson loved it :) All of those rides, the carousel, the little plan, the semi truck, the steam boat...what a blast for your little thrill ride seeker. :) And the Illuminate and Comedy shows, how cool!

And oh your sweet Hudson, I just pictured him with tears on his sweet cheeks because he was so worried about Daddy on that big ride! :) Glad Hudson saw that Will made it back to the ground safe and sound. :)