Stay Rad.

Dear Hudson,
Stay Rad.



When the traveling dinosaur exhibit came to town, we had one super happy dinosaur-loving little boy on our hands. Hudson is intrigued by all things prehistoric, so we knew that he would be ecstatic to get up close and personal with the realistic dinos.

He saw Velociraptors, a big T-Rex, and even bravely rode on the back of one of the toothy creatures! While we were waiting in line, Hudson watched as children bigger than him cried and begged NOT to ride a dinosaur, but our little guy was as fearless as ever, hopping aboard and looking quite nonchalant. Next, he played dinosaur putt-putt, and did a fossil dig. When we left, he took his new little dino friend on a stroll through the pretty park. Our Jurassic adventure made for a super lovely day.


Recipe for a Happy Summer

Carousel Rides.
Just do it.
Grab a buddy, hop up there, pick out your favorite whimsical creature, hold tight and enjoy.
You're not too old, I promise.

Baseball Games.
Eat lots of stadium food, like hot dogs and popcorn and peanuts. Share some sticky, blue cotton candy. And don't forget your goofy foam finger.
The team ALWAYS wins when you wave a goofy foam finger. Right?

The great outdoors.
Soak up some sun. Relax. Enjoy every last drop of Summer goodness
...because it will be gone before we blink!
Is it almost August already?!


Seven Years & Some Fishy Friends

Our trip to Atlanta was a surprise celebration of our SEVENTH wedding anniversary.
(Hey Will! We had a wonderful time! Thank you for always being so thoughtful and sweet and FUN!)
While our anniversary weekend wasn't quite as romantic as some in the past, we couldn't have had a better time, sharing our special day with our very special Hudson. Instead of a fancy dinner, this year we toasted Seven Years with a yummy family brunch at one of our favorite places in the city, Highland Bakery. Just look at that French Toast....I mean, have you ever seen a more delicious dish in all your life?

This was Hudson's first trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and although it was completely swamped with visitors from around the globe, he managed to squeeze in and see every, single awesome fish...he loved it there. It's such a treat to watch our little guy learn about new things. And it's even better when we leave and he talks about the great adventures we had, and what he saw and loved. 

I am blessed to have an amazing husband who loves his little family so much!
Seven years of adventures and LOVE have made me a very happy girl.
Will works so hard to make all kinds of dreams come true for Hudson and me...
I am so thankful for the opportunities we have had to show Hudson this wonderful world he lives in, I can't wait to see what we get into next. 
Here's to many more Anniversaries and lots and lots of happy adventures!