Hudson's First Haircut

I probably could have postponed Hudson's first haircut until, umm, forever....
but after nearly three years without so much as a trim, 
I knew that he would benefit from a cute little cut.

So, last week, I took him to see my hair stylist and friend, Sherri.
Before arriving, I explained to him that he was going to get his hair cut. 
At first, he seemed a bit unsure,
but from the moment we entered into the bustling salon, 
he put on his brave face. 

While waiting for our appointment, he happily sat in the cushy velvet couch,
listening to the sounds of snip snip snip from all around,
and waving at the pretty girls who oohed and aaahed about what a cute little boy he was.

When it was time for him to climb up in the chair, 
he was so very sweet,
smiling and politely answering all of Sherri's questions.
His little eyes fluttered as the first snips caused a tiny trickle of hair to tickle his face,
and every time he caught a glimpse of himself in the oversized mirror, 
he looked so happy.
I couldn't have been prouder of my sweet boy.

Hudson's first haircut was a big success,
resulting in the most precious little curly 'do
and no tears.
(from him OR me.)


An Evening at Bluewater Creek

We spent Saturday evening at the second annual 41/20 Polo Tournament in Florence.
It's an event that I always enjoy because it includes
lots of my favorite things:

beautiful horses
sweet friends
cold drinks
live music under the stars

Oh Summertime! Won't you stay forever?


He's #1.

Hudson is a lucky little boy,
he has an amazing Dad that loves him to the moon and back.

Will is the Dad that faithfully makes shadow puppets on the ceiling every night.....
even when Hudson asks for "one more!" at least ten times, and before you know it, shadow puppet time has turned into an extra thirty minutes of successfully dragging out bedtime.

Will is the Dad that happily takes Hudson along on adventures both big and small,
because he believes that showing Hudson the world and all it's beauty is important.

Will is the Dad that will always be there for Hudson.....
cheering him on,
supporting him,
and loving him more than words can describe.
And for that,
I am soo grateful.

We LOVE you, Will!!
And, we had such a wonderful afternoon,
soaking up the sunshine from the stadium stands,
celebrating your special day while watching 
a super fun baseball game.

Hope all the other fabulous father's out there
enjoyed a fantastic Father's Day!


Cool. Not Cool. Undecided.

Happy Friday, friends!
Today I'm linking up with one of my bloggy besties (the awesome Janette) to take part in her fun series...
so here's what's Cool, Not Cool, and Undecided in my world:




I'd love to hear what's
Cool, Uncool, and Undecided to you....
go link up here!


The good stuff.

There are the most fantastic, beautiful things and people out there, I promise.
It is up to you to find them.
-Chuck Palahniuk

Dear Hudson,
I hope that you always seek out the beauty that life has to offer.
It is important to look for the good, not the bad,
and to notice all the wonderful things around you, not the things that annoy you.
The annoying things aren't important anyway. 
Every day, there are a million different choices that will compete for 
your time, attention, and commitment...
Go where the good stuff is. 
You can surround yourself with happy things,
because you are able choose exactly how to live your life. 
Use the choice of gift wisely,
and enjoy yourself in this amazing world.