Out of this World

Our tradition each Mother's Day is to go on a little spontaneous adventure.
Just the three of us.
When we woke up to steady rain,
we knew that our journey would have to be in the great indoors.
And, luckily, the US Space & Rocket Center just happens to be right down the street.

Have I mentioned before that Hudson loves rockets?
And shuttles, and astronauts, and aliens, and pretty much anything to do with outer space?
Well, he does.
He LOVES all things inter-galactic. 
(I kind of do, too.)
Every time we pass the Space Center from the road,
he ALWAYS says "I want to ride in that rocket!".
So we were pretty excited about spending our Mother's Day Adventure 
in a spot that we could all enjoy.

The three of us had a wonderful time.
As always.
I am such a lucky girl.

When I imagined being a mother
(before Hudson was born)
I never imagined that it would be like this....

My heart is truly full of love,
my life is full of happiness,
and all my days are full of fun.

Hudson makes EVERY day an adventure,
and I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mama.

Hope that all of you AMAZING mothers
who have the hardest 
(and most rewarding)
job in the world
had a lovely Mother's Day
....that was out of this world!


Cindy P said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley! So glad that you had a wonderful day!!

I want to come down to Huntsville and go to the Space & Rocket Center someday! Another place you can take me when I come to visit. ; )

Inga said...

Great mother´s day :) Something Hudson will always remember :)

Katie said...

so fun!! your little guy is adorable! and I love the dress you are wearing!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

That is such a wonderful idea to have an adventure. I think we could all use a little adventure sometimes.

Amylou said...

what a neat tradition! that's the perfect way to spend Mom's day! I love all those cute pictures of him in the rain! Looks like he had a blast!

Faith said...

i just love this! looks like the best Mother's Day! you are beautiful! and the pictures are incredible, like always :)

My Journey With Candida said...

I can see you had a very Happy Mothers Day! Every time I see a picture of Hudson, he looks like he has grown. What are you feeding that boy? LOL

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Happy Mama's day to you!! You are a beautiful mama, and have the sweetest little boy to mother. Lovely pictures, as always! (and I adore that dress you're wearing!!) xoxo

jeannie said...

Ashley, I am so glad you, Will and Hudson are making your own family traditions. That was a fun way to spend mothers day. Your pictures are beautiful and your dress is sooooo cute.

marie said...

What a fun family field trip. As usual you look beautiful, Happy Mothers Day.

Sarah said...

What a great way to celebrate mothers day. It's funny how sometimes going out and doing things for the kids watching them have a great time is sometimes better than a spa date. Glad to see your family have a great time =)

- Sarah

A Space Dude said...

Swoop, I LOVE YOU and cant even start to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing with our little guy. I was worried we were going to have to wait until next weekend for our little Mothers Day outting. Whem your mothe said mothers get in free to the Space and Rocket Center. So I knew from that point where we were going. I had a blast off kind of day with you and Hudson and hope your Mothers Day was great!

Oh Sorry I lost your cards. Hope the hand made ones worked for you.


Amber said...

what a great way to spend mothers day!

Kira said...

You guys take him to the funnest places, what a lucky little guy to have you as parents :)

Janette said...

Ok! That place just looks like a funhouse for adults.. How fun is that????? I want to push aaall those buttons... So happy you had a lovely mother's day! And my favorite favorite picture is the one of you and Hudson in the astronaut cutout-face hole thingies. So cute!

Janette, the Jongleur

misc.alaina said...

Such a cool adventure! Really great photos, and such a cute dress!!

Meri said...

Its so cool that you guys go on so many learning adventures! I love the heads popping through the space suits photo haha!

Chelsea said...

How fun! Hudson is going to be a genius with how many awesome adventures y'all go on!

Shauna Klippel said...

You have some great museums out there! I think it's great that you get out as much as you do. I can't believe you had rain! It's over for us here in California.

Glad you had a great day. I love your attire, you look great. Take care,


Mariel Torres said...

Happy mother's day Ashley! You are such an amazing mommy to Hudson and I just never get tired of reading about your fun adventures. Makes me look forward to when I have my own little one. Love you girly!

JRuud said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day! Oh my goodness, how cute is Hudson with that umbrella and in the space suit? AH! I love it. xoxo

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

How cool! What a great Mother's Day! :)

thecoffeehouse said...

Hudson is too cute. And he just happens to have my favorite boy name ever.

Alyx said...

You seriously have the most adorable family!
These are such great photos.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I am always smiling when opening your blog :)
Happy mother's day to you, ashley!
Glad you're having a GREAT day there!
Stay happy!

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia

kyna... said...

Hudson is seriously adorable!!! xoxo!
♥ Kyna

Haley K said...

yay for adventurous mother's days! looks like a great adventure :) I can tell Hudson loved every minute there! You and him make the cutest pair of astronauts EVER. And his blue pants and your yellow striped dress...lookin' good :)

and Ashley, i want to let you know you are an INCREDIBLE mother. Your love for Hudson is inspiring! you cherish the little moments that some may call mundane...and you make an effort to create incredible memories with your sweet boy! What a LUCKY boy he is! hugs to you <3