The Moment Collector

\\ p i z z a  p i e  in the  s u n s h i n e //
We tried out our new neighborhood pizza place,
and it was so so yummy.
Spinach Salad with fresh pineapples, oranges, and goat cheese,
spiral cheese bread,
and delicious Hawaiian style pizza
enjoyed on the patio with my two favorite guys?
I can't even...

\\ s w i n g  batta batta  s w i n g //
After an evening spent bug-catching in the backyard,
we watched our Huntsville Stars play under the stars.
Hudson (with a little help from Daddy) stormed the outfield
along with the big kids, while "Who Let the Dogs Out"
blasted from the loudspeaker.
(That song is equal parts lame AND catchy)
Our boy was quite the little runner,
but Will said that he decided to scoop Hudson up when he began
running sideways while looking backwards at the kid stampede.
Daddy to the rescue.

\\ pure  s w e e t n e s s //
Hudson is ALWAYS doing something
that manages to make my heart melt. 
He brings me flowers from the yard,
spontaneously tells me that he loves me "sooo much",
and shares the sweetest snuggles.
While we were out to dinner,
Hudson decided to shower his Gennie (my mom)
with a extra long-lasting cascade of kisses.
Who says boys aren't made of sugar??

I'm a big believer in
collecting MOMENTS,
not things.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

THE SPIDER. Ugh. He is such a boy. I inwardly screamed in that picture. I was also shocked to find that I found that picture adorable, despite the spider.

katiewake said...

AHH!!! This post makes me miss y'all so much!! Come back soon - I am about to die from not having fun with the Beadle Bunch!!

jeannie said...

Those are adorable pictures!! I love the group shot at the game. I know he enjoyed having Summer there. Hudson was so funny at the restaurant giving me all those kisses, that just went on and on. He is such a little sweetie and such a joy to be around.

Chelsea said...

Looks like some lovely family time! That pizza. Oh my gosh. And Hudson's face at the baseball game is precious. I am with you on collecting moments. What a sweet, sweet boy you've got!

Liz Kantner said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for following my blog & congrats on 600! :)

Shauna Klippel said...

I love it Ashley. So great how he is smothering your mom. Absolutely adorable. You are a doll as always, as is your whole family, take care,


Cindy P said...

What wonderful moments! I love that you collect them instead of things. =) They are so much better to collect by far!

My Journey With Candida said...

Look at that Hudson touching that bug... What will he touch next... a frog.

Great Pictures for some beautiful moments.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my, he is so precious! Love the sweet little things he says. And I love that you guys take him out and are creating so many fun memories with him. What a great childhood he is having!

Kira said...

Hudson has the sweetest little outfits!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw what a little sweetie! Let's hope he keeps bringing you flowers and ditches the creepy crawlers lol!

I totally drooled over that pizza when you Instagrammed it!

Susan said...

Awww, this post made my heart melt..... so sweet between them! And I love a little boy in smocked clothes!

misc.alaina said...

LOVE this post so much!! You always capture the best moments and take the most beautiful photos! Such a perfect way to start your summer!

Meredith said...

so sweet!
i love it how Hudson poses for pictures now, his smiles are adorable.
& hey, i'm a bit of a sucker for baseball too. glad Hudson is liking it :)

p.s. i should be back to blogging in a bit, don't lose hope in me quite yet! ;)

Meri said...

What a little pumpkin, bringing his mama flowers! You're raising that boy well :)
Also, that pizza... gimme!

A Moment Marker said...

Well Swoop, You have captured so many great Moments. We have had some fun over here in the ville. I am still trying to talk little man into putting a granddaddy long leg on you. HAHA Yes I always tell him to take you flowers with a weed in the mix sometimes. Great Pictures and post Swoop.


Mariel Torres said...

1. Not fair, my mouth is doing some serious mouth-watering right now.
2. Love what a fearless little adventurer Hudson is... what a pretty big spider!
3. I have that same shirt darling! It's black though. Now we can be twins hehe.

Have a marvelous week love!

Jillian {The Absurd Bird} said...

You always take such great photos! Looks like a fun time! :)

Amanda said...

That picture of him giving kisses brought tears to my eyes! And the spider, yuck! M is TERRIFIED of them, so I'm the spider killer in the house lol. Hope you have a fantastic weekend friend!

Always Maylee said...

He is just so cute! I love all of these pictures, such great memories! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Chelsea said...

Yum to the pizza!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I'm so digging his new shoes!!! How adorable!! That is quite the daddy long legs too!

Courtney B said...

Is pizza pie an all you can eat buffet? Because when we lived in Northern Utah there was an all you can eat buffet called Pizza Pie and we LOVED it. I miss it almost everyday, ha ha!
And the baseball game! SO FUN! We seriously neeeeed to come visit you and hangout! You are our kind of people ;)

kyna... said...

Omg he's holding a spider!!! Eww! Lol!
That pizza looks AMAZING!!
And I agree, collecting moments is the best!