Big Top Hudson

We went to the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus,
and we had THE best seats.
It was so amazing to be up close and personal with the
performers and animals.

But, I think it was the first time that
I've ever had to pray
that we wouldn't be victims of 
an elephant stampede.

Hudson enjoyed the horses, tigers, elephants, and performing poodles,
but his favorite act by far (for the 2nd year in a row) was the 
motorcyclists in the steel cage.
He loved it so much that, in addition to his huge circus elephant souvenir,
he insisted on getting a little motorcycle man to take home with him. 

At the end of the show,
a giant fire-breathing dragon
(which served as the theme for this year's circus) 
made it's way through the arena,
flanked by clowns and acrobats and lots of cute animals.
We were all in awe
of the greatest show on earth.


A (sort of) Love Letter.

Dear Spring,
It's so precious how you tease me with the idea of frolicking
and running through the soft green grass in my bare feet.
That really sounds wonderful, except it won't be happening,
because pollen has infested my brain.

I'm currently suffering from incessant sniffling, red eyes,
and a sore throat that seriously feels like I swallowed some sandpaper. 

I really love you Spring,
and I know that flower reproduction
is an essential part of this glorious season,
why, oh why, does this wicked pollen have to be so cruel?

For now, I'll just stay inside with my beloved Allegra and dream of my favorite parts of Spring...
bike rides and warm weather and fun in the sun.
Hope I get to enjoy you soon.

(pictures from last week at beautiful Lake Guntersville...before the pollen so viciously attacked me.)


Where Trees Talk.

Saturday was cold and rainy, so since we couldn't enjoy the great outdoors,
we decided to take Hudson to a magical place to play.
EarlyWorks is the South's largest hands-on history museum,
and it is a neat little place for kids of all ages to explore and learn.
Our first stop was the talking tree, which had Hudson pretty intrigued.
But, as it told him a story, he decided to keep his distance....
because it was definitely his first experience with a friendly, talkative tree.

In Biscuit's Backyard, Hudson had lots of fun in a space specifically tailored to preschoolers.
He immediately ran to the duck pond, because he loves to fish. A few splashes later,
he decided to venture into the hideout to climb around and play.
Then at the barn, he worked with some hay,
checked on the garden, and gathered some eggs.
This place was a dream for our imaginative little guy!

It's not often that I get to watch from a distance as Hudson interacts with other little friends.
When we drop him off at the church nursery, I love catching little glimpses of him playing with his buddies...but those glimpses are only for a few seconds. In Biscuit's Backyard, I was able to stand back and admire my little guy while he ventured out on his own. 

He is a big fan of pretend food and grocery stores, so when he saw the huge market set-up, he made a bee-line for the cash register. He smiled as he handed out apples to little boys that passed by, and my heart melted as I saw him, and his outgoing personality, trying so hard to make a connection with the other little children. He was wanting to interact with someone so badly. He tinkered away behind the counter, then a precocious little girl wandered his way. After she noticed the cash register, she shouted out (to no one in particular) that she wanted Hudson to share, and as he looked on (a bit startled from her tone) she decided to just give him a shove.  Our sweet boy just scooted down, and continued playing
...happy to have a talkative new friend to share his grocery duties.

After his adventures in Biscuit's Backyard, we went past riverboats and lots of legos, where we found 
a replicated Mine, complete with an explosive device. Brave Hudson walked in....ready to detonate,
but the realistic nature of this exhibit was a bit more than he bargained for. After he pressed down the lever, a boom sounded (which startled him), and smoke started pouring out of the rock wall (which prompted him to run). I couldn't help but giggle as my little (usually) fearless boy moved as fast as his little legs could carry him to his Mama & Daddy. But, he quickly got over his fear of the mine, and we blew it up (as a team) a few more times. 

We had a wonderful day of PLAY...
and the happiness we all felt reminded me that,
as a parent,
I am on one amazing journey,
with the most awesome opportunity to 
nurture and support my child, 
who's mind & body is growing at a rapid pace.

And, I am so thankful that I am sharing this journey
with my sweet husband,
and with my special little Hudson.

We have so much fun ahead.