Zippity Do Da....

So, here's a funny story. 
Remember when we went to the park with our friends the other day?
Yeah? Okay, good.
Well, that was on a Sunday.
On the Thursday after that, my Mom and Hudson and I decided to go back.
It was most perfect sunshine-y day, so we packed a lunch of turkey sandwiches and barbecue chips,
and headed out to find a perfect spot to picnic in the cool, green grass. 
As we unloaded my car, I decided that I would just push Hudson in his stroller,
in order to lighten our load.
I went to the back of my car to get the stroller, 
and it was not there. 
I went into full-on panic mode. 
When did I see it last?
Did someone steal it from my car?
Did I leave it at home?
Where IS it!?!?!
Then, I started to retrace my steps.
And I tried to conjure up the memory of last time I used it. 
Then I remembered:
I had pushed Hudson in it on the day that we visited the park.
Almost a week before our current visit. 
I ran to the pizzeria by the pond, and after saying a little prayer that someone kind and good had turned in our lost stroller, I told the waiter inside the front door that I thought I had left my stroller there.
He looked at me with a knowing smile, chuckled, and said: 
"Oh, yeah. You're back? (heh heh) We've got your stroller."
Sooooo, I probably deserved the chuckle.
I mean, it only took me 5 days to figure out that I had even lost the thing.

Thankfully, we were reunited with our beloved stroller, and the three of us made our way to a pretty spot under the tall trees, and enjoyed our lunch. 
Hudson loved toting the bag of bread around like Santa's pack...teasing the ducky friends along the water's edge. Then, he discovered that tiny finches like food, too, and the majority of our honey wheat slices went to them. "Baby birds" he likes to call them. He fed the finches all the way back to the car, stopping every few steps to say "Follow me, birds."

It turned out to be another GREAT adventure.
And this time we left with all of our belongings in tow.
(I think.)

If I had it my way I'd be at the park every day,
just soaking up the sun with my favorite little boy. 

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and smiles.


Alaythea said...

That is too funny! My mom used to "tag" all of our stuff with her name and phone number. With 5 kids we were bound to leave and forget stuff all the time! Glad you found it though!

My Journey With Candida said...

How kind that they kept your stroller for you for 5 days. That reinforces my belief that there are lots of good people in this world.

You do such fun things with Hudson. He is going to grow up knowing how much he is loved.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Ohhhh my goodness! Thankfully it was still there!!! That is too funny! Cute pictures :) Love his TOMS! And love yours too...what do they say on them?!?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Matching mommy and baby TOMS! So cute!

Carlie said...

haha That is hilarious! Glad you got it back though!

And cute pics!

Courtney B said...

Sooo glad someone didn't walk off with your stroller! And that park is seriously beautiful! I want to go play there... with you and Hudson OF COURSE ;)

Kira said...

Yay, so glad they still had your stroller! I had a friend in college who thought his bike was stolen until he found it in front of one of the buildings he had class in weeks later with his bike lock still on it. He rode it to class and apparently forgot and walked back home.

JRuud said...

Aww such cute pics hun!! I went to the park yesterday. Love it :) Spring is here!!!

Judy said...

Hudson always has the coolest looking kicks! Parks are the greatest yet my little one refuses to go near the water for fear of those ducks and geese.

Raven said...

lol about the stroller haha!!!

and these pictures are gorgeous, ESP H's curls... I WANT TO BAWL MY EYES OUT!!!!!!!! I MISS MY BABIES CURLS! Seriously, I can't look. I am just SO sad. (But SO happy that you little baby still has his curls. Don't shave his head. trust me.)

Natasha said...

haha! That's amazing that you we're able to find it...so funny :)

Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

Cindy P said...

Sounds like a great afternoon at the park! I love doing stuff like that. Hopefully when we have kids one day I'll be able to stay home with them and take them to the park in the middle of the week, too!

I'm so glad you found your stroller!! How amazing that it was still there!

Daddy Bird said...

Well I am glad you found the stroller. I beleive I was the one that remembered where the stroller was though when you called in a panic. HAHA You took some great pictures. Hudson looks so small on that mountain of steps.


Mariel Torres said...

Hudson is such a little model!
Btw, I know they are just picture but I can tell you are such a phenomenal mommy. I wanna be like you one day ;)

misc.alaina said...

Such a beautiful park! So funny about your stroller, glad you were reunited with it. Hudson is growing so fast and is such a handsome little guy!! Looks like your adventure wore him out just a little bit - haha!

misc.alaina said...

Oh, and I love the Toms!!

Gentri said...

SO glad your stroller is safe and sound! haha! Thank goodness for kind people. :)
What a PERFECT day! Hudson is just the cutest!

jeannie said...

We had so much fun at the park with our picnic lunch and our bread for the ducks. Hudson was a sweetie, but isn't he always!!! Your pictures captured our day perfectly.

Ruby Girl said...

awww looks like such a sweet time. so many wonderful photos! what a cutie patootie you have there. xoxo linds of www.rubygirlblog.com

Samantha said...

great pictures. your son is so cute!

aniamaria said...

Hudson is so cute, lovely - very handsome! oh.. I'm ♥.♥ ;)

Meredith said...

oh my, the little fella is rather precious.
loving the bright spring colors in these pictures! :)

Meri said...

Oh what a beautiful perfect day! Make way for ducklings hehe!

Nnenna said...

Aww, can Hudson be any more adorable?! Also, so glad that your stroller wasn't permanently lost! :)

Cara-Mia said...

BABY TOMS?! UGH! SO CUTE! I just love baby shoes. They're ridiculously cute. Also, Hudson looks like such a big boy in his jeans! Love it.

That stroller story IS funny. So glad someone nice turned it in!

Emma Frances said...

So glad your stroller wasn't lost forever!! :) That is a funny story--mostly because it had a good ending! And I love these pictures! I hope my babies have curls! Hudson's are just so stinking cute!!

monster cakes said...

I'm so glad they held it for you! Phew! And girl, you have a beautiful family.

Faith said...

Hudson is the cutest little boy!

Glad you were able to get your stroller back! :)

Haley K said...

and again, looking at your GORGEOUS photos made it feel like I was there! That outting to the park looked positively LOVELY :) And OH it gets me so excited for my mom to come to town when the babe arrives! Hopefully there will be some good weather days for us to make a quick trip to the park with Brooks and the Little :)

And I'm SO glad that you found your stroller! Thank goodness for honest people! I love that you said a prayer, I do that a whole lot because I tend to misplace things a whole lot ;)

And thinking of that darling Hudson saying "follow me, birds" put the biggest smile on my face :) And made me think of one of my favorite movies of all time..."Fly Away Home" Have you seen it??

Annie said...

That is too funny! And he is too cute - such lovely pics :)

The Other Side of Gray

Virginie said...

Thank God for good and honest people!!

I cannot wait for picnics (and babies too!).


Virginie ♥

Shalyn said...

Please please please can my little guy be at least half as cute as Hudson? He just kills me! And I am SO GLAD someone turned in your stroller- there are good people in this world:-)