It feels like fireflies.

This is us
in a state of
Spring-time bliss.

Surrounded by sunshine and beautiful blooms,
on this March day at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens
(where we got married almost SEVEN years ago, by the way)
marks the day that we happily transformed
into our bright and beautiful warm-weather selves.

Sayonara Winter.


Thank you Travis Tritt.

I hardly ever listen to country music. 
But as I drove down the highway today,
flipping through the radio stations,
I ran across an old favorite,
and couldn't help but think how
perfectly the lyrics remind me of this day
\\\\\\\\ a cool spring breeze and a sunny sky
\\\\\\\\\ boyfriend jeans and my two favorite boys
\\\\\\\\\ smiles from my parents as they watched their precious grandson play
\\\\\\\\\\\ quacking ducks and weeping willows

"It's a great day to be alive 
I know the sun's still shinin when I close my eyes 
There's some hard times in the neigborhood 
But why can't every day be just this good?"

So, thanks for the reminder, Travis Tritt.
It is INDEED a great day to be alive.


Southern Safari

This weekend we did something really, super fun.
We went on a safari! Right here in north Alabama!

Upon entering Harmony Safari Park
we purchased our admission, along with a large bucket of treats,
and cruised through the gate with our windows half down, as directed.
Within 30 seconds, we had a variety of exotic animals surrounding our Jeep, 
sniffing for food and checking us out.

It quickly became clear that these creatures knew the name of the game,
and they weren't at all timid about sticking their snout into the crack of the window, 
and looking for snacks. We got along especially well with the zebras, who followed
us along for miles. 

Hudson was amazed by all the pretty animals, and much braver than me.
When the big bull or llamas came close to my side of the car,
I quickly rolled up my window, to serve as a barrier between me and the beasts.
Hudson just wanted to feed them, saying
"No, Mama, you aren't scared of them!"

We took the winding trails through 30 acres of meadows and woods,
seeing all kinds of species along the way. At the end of the trail,
we got out of the car and saw a monkey, some lemurs and two kangaroos. 
Then, we explored the reptile habitat.
We're not too fond of snakes, but
Hudson definitely enjoyed the alligators and the turtles.
There were tortoises that were huge, and VERY friendly.
And, just so you know, those things can move a bit faster than expected.
While Hudson and I tried to pose for a picture with one big tortoise,
another one snuck up beside me...and scared me.
Then I probably scared the other park patrons when I let out a
blood-curdling scream....over a brush on the leg by a friendly tortoise. 
( I may or may not have seen a few too many episodes of "When Animals Attack".)

We had such a wonderful time at the safari park.
On the way home, we stopped for a dinner of curly fries and wings and macaroni.
And with a dinner like that,
the day went from wonderful to pretty much perfect in every way.