Lookie Lookie Lookie.

Instagram is the coolest. 
Ever since it came into my life, I've all but kissed my poor, neglected Twitter account goodbye.
In January, I tried to complete Fat Mum Slim's 'photo-a-day' challenge. 
I pretty much failed miserably.
I completed only about 16 days out of the month.
I've been known to bore easily on creative endeavors.
I've always been the kind of girl that colors half the picture, then starts a new one.
Paints half the canvas, then paints over it so I can begin again.
Completes half the project, and embarks on another.
Well, you get what I'm saying.

But, here are some of my favorite shots from last month.
No rhyme or reason.
Just supreme cuteness emanating from my little man....
and a few pictures of yummy food and pretty places.
living room tricycle rides
Hudson "reading" my Bible
cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes
winter skies
harmonica playing
seeing Sherlock Holmes with my love
Alabama won the National Championship
we love to read AND play cars
lazy days and cozy socks
The Giving Tree makes me cry
sushi makes me smile
picked out new glasses
wasted lots of time playing temple run

Do YOU have Instagram?
Look for me!!
I'm @hotchild
fun stuff, my friends.

p.s. I'm going to attempt the February photo-a-day challenge....here's to not stopping halfway!

p.s.s. My Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY is open until Monday at midnight!!


Carlie said...

The Giving Tree is one of my favorite books! I always cry at the end though!

Monet said...

Very cute pictures...I was considering doing a instragram but didn't quite know what is was about...I'll have to look into it! = )

Monet said...

Thanks for coming by my blog too ! = ) I want to see "The Vow" as well but he doesnt want to see any "sappy love movies" mind u he cried for "The Notebook" and "Water For Elephants" but shhh dont tell him I told u LOL...hope u have a great weekend as well.

Shauna Klippel said...

Your family is the cutest. I love your pictures. I love your "highlights," and The Giving Tree has always made me sad and reflective. Take care! Hope you are having a great weekend.


Melanie said...

Loved these mama! What a beautiful life filled w/ SO much love! AND hello could the lil dude get any cuter!

Anonymous said...

You have the best instagram pics! I don't even have a smart phone... I'd get one just for that app ha!
Hudson, you're still cute as ever, and oh so serious reading the bible =)
I instantly recognized the pic of the giving tree.. read that one growing up =)
Did you get the chocolate vino? yummers!

Laura Elizabeth said...

You still have to add me on instagram. I may have told you that I was under a different name... so my correct name is Skaramouche on IG- accept my friend request... or else!! Haha, I'm the least scariest person so you have nothing to worry about :)

Good luck with the February one, your comment on my blog about your "stranger" pic has me curious to see who your lucky stranger was!!

My Journey With Candida said...

You have some wonderful memories in all those beautiful pictures.

Hmmmm.... I never heard of an intagram. going to have to check that out.

Meredith said...

if i had an iphone, i would instagram the crap out of everything...
i'm pretty sure its the only reason i want an iphone.

& these pictures are so cute!! :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hudson is the freaking cutest!!!!! I wish I had an iPhone.... just for the Instagram app! Love it. And yes, here's to not stopping halfway! (I always do that too!)

Kyla said...

Oh, Instagram is the best! :) I also wanted to do the photo a day challenge but I feel like I would have forgot/gotten too lazy with it ;)

Brianna said...

Great photos! I had to double take at the giraffe for a second, LOL

Kiki said...

Lazy days and cozy socks...those days are my favorite :)
I don't comment often, but enjoy your blog.
Cute pictures!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh your pictures are so cute!! I agree what a lovely family you have!!


Well Swoop, As you already know I do not have instragram but think it would neat to see what all you and Hudson are doing while I am at work. Cute pictures Swoop. I am sure you can do February. I mean it is the shortest month. Oh wait, This year there are 29 days. Oh but you can do it.


Vale ♥ said...

Lovely pics and your little man is so adorable and cute !!! <3 Best wishes to you and your wonderful family !

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Mae said...

love Instagram! super cute pics. Going to find you now!

Meri said...

I still don't entirely understand what instagram is- do you have to have an iphone? I have an Evo and i'm not sure I can get it. It sounds cool though!

Haley K said...

yay for instagram!! Goodness, I struggle with using any of my iphone pics without adding some sort of filter or frame! haha :) And maybe I'll hop onboard with the february photo-a-day thing!

i loved your photo round up! Trike rides in doors, Hudson's sweet little bible study, and your fab new glasses are my favorite! :) Great images Ash!

Nnenna said...

I love Instagram and am always thinking, "Oh, I should instagram that!" haha :) These are such cute snapshots!

Leenie said...

I totally know what you mean about starting a challenge then half-way through starting over! Sounds like me allll the time, but it's totally okay. :) Your photos are all remarkable!

Megan said...

I swear, Instagram is the main reason why I never plan to switch from an iphone. I love it so much! I've yet to try one of those photo challenges, maybe March though? Haha. Y'all are too cute, love all of these.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Love Instagram. I only made it 2 days into the Feb photo a Day. Boo.

fifth floor apartment said...

so much loveliness!

xo alison

rachel said...

ME too! me TOO!!! i am so afraid i am going to just give up on the february challenge. i almost did yesterday. 10am was hard.


Jennifer Rod said...

these are so cute. i really love the new glasses.

Harley said...

instagram is bombbbb.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I'm doing the February photo a day things... I am really hoping I can complete it! I don't have Instagram because Android is dumb and doesn't have it, but I've been editing them in a different app. Cute pictures, hope you had a great weekend!

Blaze said...

Fun! I love these captured moments! So precious! :)

Faith said...

i love all the pictures!

jeannie said...

I love looking at Instagram. I get to see a little of what Hudson does in a day. The one where he is in his room reading is the best!!!

Courtney B said...

I NEED an iPhone because I NEED instagram! Best app ever! Plus the cameras on the Droid suck :(
You changed your blog look again... LOVE it! I wish I was talented in html coding. My blog is in need of a make over, ha!

misc.alaina said...

Love instagram photos, and their total randomness!! I just started February's challenge and have now missed three days in a row already - oops!