Hair by Misikko

A couple of weeks ago, the generous folks at Misikko sent over one of their Hana flat irons. To say that I was overwhelmed when I opened the package would be an understatement. In addition to the HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron, the box was filled to the brim with lots of other goodies!

A hairbrush, silky sleep mask, nail files, an eyelash curler, and eye makeup were just a few of the awesome items that came, in addition to my flat iron....talk about feeling spoiled! 

One of the main reasons I enjoy having long hair, is the freedom to style it in tons of different ways: curly, wavy, straight; I like to try it all. And when I opt for a straight style, I like it to be perfectly smooth. 
I couldn't wait to give my new flat iron a try.

If time allows, I usually like to let my hair air-dry first. I do blow dry my bangs, though, otherwise they would be super crazy (thanks alot, cowlick!).

Here's my air-dryed 'do:

Then, I plug in my HANA flat iron, and after record time, that baby is ready to go!
Because the flat iron gets super hot, super fast, it takes me less than 10 minutes to have all my hair straightened. I also like that the edges of the flat iron are curved, which allowed me to flip the ends of my hair perfectly!

Nothing beats saving some time on my hair routine....and the smooth and silky locks I have after using this flat iron make me extra happy.

I've tried all kinds of flat irons, from the $30 Target special to a Chi straightener, and this HANA Titanium Flat Iron is by far my favorite. No lie. While the price tag is a bit high on this particular flat iron, I strongly believe that you get what you pay for....and this product is worth every penny.

If you want to learn more about HANA products, check out HANA Salon.
Oh, and Misikko also has the most wonderful top-rated hair dryers, too! 

p.s. I'm over at my friend Mariel's blog today, too...talking about my favorite things about SPRING!
Go check it out and wish her some luck....she's knee deep in books while studying for finals. Eeep!


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Awesome! I need to check them out! And lucky girl to be chosen to do this! Your hair looks gorgeous! I have never owned a flat iron, and always wanted one. I am always just blow drying it straight with a brush =/ Does not always work. Love your post!

A Hair Band said...

Well I must say that your hair looks great. Sorry if I forgot to tell you last night. I sure am glad they sent you this nice gift.


Amber said...

I have to agree. I got to try one of these bad boys out and loved it.

It's A Love Story said...

I love it! it looks perfect!



Taylor said...

That is so awesome!!! I would love to get one o their straighteners! I love the 'perfect fli" super cute! and you as always are adorable! love the layout as well..i have been super MIA don't unlove me please

Amanda said...

Wow! Your before and after is awesome! I use mine every time that I shower before bed at night. I used it this AM even. I still can't get over how shiny it leaves my hair :) Happy Monday!

meghan said...

Oh how awesome!! And it's so fun that they put so many fun goodies in your box.

thedemuremuse.com said...

i love how shiny your hair looks after being straightened!! The pin accents on all the items in your box are super cute too. :D

Alaythea said...

I've had a Babyliss flat iron for almost 10 years. LOVED it and it decided to crap out on me a few months ago. I'm using a kinda crappy one right now which I hate but I just don't have the money for a really nice one. I've never heard of a Hana but maybe when I get around to purchasing one I'll look into these. I've heard nothing but bad things about the Chi's. My mom had one but it went out after a year. Same story from a few other people I know too.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What an awesome present!!!

misc.alaina said...

Your hair looks great straightened like that! Awesome review!!

Judy said...

Even more reason to grow out my hair!

My Journey With Candida said...

My Granddaughters love flat irons. I haven't tried them to tell you the truth. I guess I should give one a try and see what happens.

Your hair looks awesome by the way

Shauna Klippel said...

Wow, lucky you. That package is awesome.

I like your hair both ways. I used a flat iron and it took the life out of my hair. I kind of like a little friz, I know weird.

You're beautiful as ever-


Meri said...

You have such beautiful hair! I've always wanted a fancy flat iron, mine is crappy!

hannahstiff said...

Your blog is just the best. I just found it and scrolled through pages and pages of posts and they all made me smile. Especially that you always need your toenails painted. That sounds exactly like my best friend. Anyways...Following you on GFC now and can't wait to come back. Stop by, say hi and follow back if ya feel like it:) XO
real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

Angie Mc. said...

Oh my! So many great things in that package. Lucky girl! Also...you have such beautiful hair.

fashionmagic said...

I haven't been by in awhile.but I love your hair straight. Don't think I've seen it that way? Looks wonderful. I have a chi...not too happy with it though. I think I'll look into Misikko

Summer-Raye said...

You've got such pretty hair. Just found your blog, I love it. Followed you- would love for you to follow back. Happy Tuesday