Have you seen Band-Aid?

(as I loaded groceries into our car)
Hudson: "Mama? Is you a little kid?"

(watching Will walk into the other room)
Hudson: "I'm gonna follow that cutie daddy!"

(eating a cookie covered in powdered sugar)
Hudson: "SNOW on it??"

(seeing an old photograph of his great grandmother)
Hudson: "Who is this?"
Me: "That's Grandma."
Hudson: "I love her."

(while my mom and I tied his shoes)
Hudson: "GUYS! What are you doing?"

(watching Bambi)
Hudson: "I love this movie....it's Band-Aid."

This kid of mine...he's pretty much THE sweetest. 


Mad about Mad Men.

Wives and Lovers by Jack Jones on Grooveshark

Our dinner club's February party was really swinging this year. 
With a sexy & sophisticated '60's theme, Will & I did our best to make Don Draper proud.

On that particular Friday night, the clock turned back 50 years. The men were dapper, and the ladies were dressed to impress. There were classic cocktails and candy cigarettes for all. The smooth grooves of the 1960's were played by the band. We danced and dined and danced some more.
We all had so much fun
......this shindig was a gas!

Are you getting excited about the premiere of the new season of Mad Men?


Hair by Misikko

A couple of weeks ago, the generous folks at Misikko sent over one of their Hana flat irons. To say that I was overwhelmed when I opened the package would be an understatement. In addition to the HANA Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron, the box was filled to the brim with lots of other goodies!

A hairbrush, silky sleep mask, nail files, an eyelash curler, and eye makeup were just a few of the awesome items that came, in addition to my flat iron....talk about feeling spoiled! 

One of the main reasons I enjoy having long hair, is the freedom to style it in tons of different ways: curly, wavy, straight; I like to try it all. And when I opt for a straight style, I like it to be perfectly smooth. 
I couldn't wait to give my new flat iron a try.

If time allows, I usually like to let my hair air-dry first. I do blow dry my bangs, though, otherwise they would be super crazy (thanks alot, cowlick!).

Here's my air-dryed 'do:

Then, I plug in my HANA flat iron, and after record time, that baby is ready to go!
Because the flat iron gets super hot, super fast, it takes me less than 10 minutes to have all my hair straightened. I also like that the edges of the flat iron are curved, which allowed me to flip the ends of my hair perfectly!

Nothing beats saving some time on my hair routine....and the smooth and silky locks I have after using this flat iron make me extra happy.

I've tried all kinds of flat irons, from the $30 Target special to a Chi straightener, and this HANA Titanium Flat Iron is by far my favorite. No lie. While the price tag is a bit high on this particular flat iron, I strongly believe that you get what you pay for....and this product is worth every penny.

If you want to learn more about HANA products, check out HANA Salon.
Oh, and Misikko also has the most wonderful top-rated hair dryers, too! 

p.s. I'm over at my friend Mariel's blog today, too...talking about my favorite things about SPRING!
Go check it out and wish her some luck....she's knee deep in books while studying for finals. Eeep!


Eleven Eleven Eleven

I know you all have probably seen this little questionnaire making it's way around the blogosphere. I was tagged by my new LOVELY new friend Shauna to do this post. You guys, this beautiful lady has SIX gorgeous kids....and by golly, if she could find the time to complete this kind of post, then so can I. (and so can you lucky girls that I tagged. Unless, of course, you've already done it...then you get a pass. ha.)

If you'd like to know a whole lot of useless knowledge about moi, then read away! 

There are 6 rules: 
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6. No saying, "If you are reading this, you're tagged."

11 Random Things About Me:

Shauna's Questions For Me:
1. What is your favorite meal to cook? I like to cook all kinds of things...but my favorite is probably some sort of pasta dish. I like to make lasagna, because my family loves to eat it. 
2. What world leader inspires you (dead or alive)? Martin Luther King, who led the Civil Rights Movement, was one of the most inspirational leaders the world has ever seen. His courageousness changed the lives of so many people.
3. If your could have lived in any other era which would it have been? 1930's Manhattan- jazz and glamour and the big city. 
4. How would you describe yourself in four words? empathetic, capable, enthusiastic, unique.
5. Do you wear makeup every day? I don't always wear makeup, but I definitely feel much better when I do. 
6. What are you passionate about? I am most passionate about being a mother and raising my child. I am a strong believer that anyone can be a mom...but being a good mom takes sacrifice, effort, and a great sense of humor. 
7. What is your middle name? Nicole.
8. What do you love about being a woman? I love that I can do all the things that only a woman can do naturally AND I can do most things a man can do, too. A woman can create life, decorate the house, whip up amazing meals, change a tire....then come in, have a hot bath, get dressed and be ready for a night on the town.
9. Fiction or Non Fiction? I like both, but I'd probably choose fiction.
10. What is your favorite game to play? (board game, cards, etc.) Oh, I love all kinds of games! I guess my favorite would be Monopoly. 
11. Who have you been told you look like? I've always been told that I look like Elizabeth Taylor. I can usually count on a stranger stopping me at least once a week to say so. 

My Questions For the Friends I Tag:
1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
2. Have you ever broken a bone?
3. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
4. What are you afraid of?
5. What is the most expensive thing in your closet?
6. Have you ever had super short hair?
7. What is your favorite dessert?
8. Which was cooler...N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?
9. What is your dream vacation destination?
10. Can you play an instrument?
11. If you were stranded on a deserted island and only had two music cd's, what would they be?

I'm tagging Shalyn, JanetteCindy, Leeann, Ashley, and Rachel.

Happy Weekend, friends!


Say Goodbye.

This past weekend, 
we said goodbye to our house. 
I know it's silly to get attached to bricks and mortar, but I can't help but feel a little bit emotional.

Will and I began our forever in that house.
I'll never forget:
 coming home from our honeymoon,
and settling into our new little abode
as happy newlyweds.

Will and I brought Hudson home from the hospital to that house.
I'll never forget:
those first special days with him, 
holding him non-stop
and enjoying our brand new family of three.

This is the only home our little boy has ever known.
He crawled there, cried there, laughed there, and played there.
He took his first steps there,
wobbling on chubby legs, back and forth on the hardwood floors.
Every first he's ever had
(from birth to 2 1/2)
 has been there.

As the days passed, and we faced the final hours in our first home,
we took the time to say goodbye to the place that has brought us so many happy memories.
Hudson and I spent some extra time in his nursery,
memorizing every inch.
 The reality hit me that this special room
will soon be just a fading memory for him.
But I will always remember it as my favorite spot in the house.
The room that I worked so hard to make perfect before Hudson arrived.
The room where I spent countless sleepless nights rocking my tiny baby.
The room that I couldn't wait to get into every morning...because I knew I'd see a little smiling angel waiting for me in his crib.

Saying goodbye to our house was hard.
I really did love it...
even though it had really tiny closets.
I've cried about leaving.
A lot.
And I'm not sure Hudson really understood exactly what was happening as we started packing up all of our life in cardboard boxes. 
But I told him the best way I knew how...
that we were going to get a new house and it was going to be lots of fun.
I had a feeling it wasn't really sinking in.
Then one day, out of the blue, as I gave him a bath he put his little hands in the air and said,
"but Mama, I going to miss ours house."
And then I cried a little bit more.

Now that it's all over and done,
and I've dealt with the bulk of my emotions,
I'm feeling excited.
I can't wait to see what kind of memories we make 
in our next house.


The Blogscars: Red Carpet Edition

As part of the great Blogscars race, my friend (and Blogscar creator) Janette asked the nominees to don their best red carpet looks. 

Now, I love any reason to get all dressed up, so when I was given the chance to do so, I got super excited. I chose this pretty gown because it is flowy and ethereal, perfectly fit for gliding gracefully down the red carpet. It's the most dazzling shade of grey, and the sequins at the waist add just a touch of glam.

This was just a red carpet dream....
My gown wasn't custom-made and I had to apply my own pretty pink lipstick.
There was no team of professionals creating perfect waves in my hair.
And, I was not swarmed by papparazzi screaming my name while snapping away.
But standing in my house with my two favorite guys while living out a fashion dream sure was fun...
and I managed to feel like quite the star.

The Blogscar winners will be announced on Oscar Night, this Sunday! A big thanks to all who voted for me. Fingers crossed I bring home a win! 


scenes from an Italian restaurant.

Devouring delicious pasta and decadent desserts under twinkling lights and brooding busts that are reminiscent of Italian originals, while our little guy plays (fittingly) with his Pope-mobile filled with crayons.

Smiles all around. 

p.s. I'm talking about LOVE and WEDDINGS on my sweet friend Cara-Mia's blog today! Go check it out and give her a big CONGRATS...she's off getting married!