1920's Glamour & Glitz

Do you know what I've been swooning over lately?
Retro styling that is reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.

The 1920's were synonymous with sophistication and decadence;
and, in my opinion this era was OH so chic.

I adore the silk fabrics and lace accents of the clothing,
and I like the cloche style hats.
But, most of all, I LOVE the look of '20's hairstyles.
These 'do's taut tempting texture, tons of tousle, and a whole lot of sexiness!

The revival of 1920's hair can be seen everywhere....from the 2012 high fashion runways to this season's hottest television shows.  Wavy styles have been spotted on the red carpet and even on the big screen....have you seen the previews for the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby? Wow. Clearly, the Jazz Age is having a major fashion moment.

Girls, have you heard of ghd?
Let me tell you:
ghd is a world leading professional hair styling brand,
and their award-winning products are beyond awesome.

The ghd Scarlet Collection is sure to make you fierce and fabulous. 
Just look at the beautiful Katy Perry, photographed for the Scarlet Collection:

Her hair is gorgeous and glamourous. AND it embodies the style of my most favorite era...the Roaring Twenties.

So, are you wondering how to get this pretty style yourself?
 By using the ghd Scarlet Collection, of course!
Included in this indulgent gift set are:
-a limited edition red plated ghd styler
-two sectioning clips
-a protective plate guard
-a lovely heat resistant red satin styler roll bag

Hmmmm....sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day gift, right?
---psssst....bookmark this page on your guy's computer! Maybe he'll get the hint!---

Would you wear '20's hair??


Eva Marie said...

love vintage inspired hairdo's, clothing - who wouldn't love a GHD ..are you hinting at your hubs hehe

Haley K said...

yes and yes :) 20's style and hair are both fabulous! I've thought about attempting finger curls and trying to get fantastic retro waves SO many times...I just need to do it! that ghd set looks like it could work magic on anyone's hair! :) hmmmmm :)

Shutterbug said...

i don't think i could ever pull of the 20s look, but it's definitely very glamorous!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I am so with you on the 20s fashion! Everything is so glamorous!!! I absolutely love it and the thing I love most is the hair... twinsies :) I have always wanted to do that cool wave thing and now my hair is short enough, maybe I could do it. I never thought about this until now. Thanks Ashley, I'm all excited to try fun hairstyles now!

jessica said...

I LOVE the looks of the 20's! I would totally attempt to try and pull it off if I knew how. These are gorgeous images, thanks for the inspiration! :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I am kind of obsessed with the 20's because our house was built in 1924. Also, that picture of the filming of the Great Gatsby got me all sorts of exited again. I can't wait to see it!

Brooke said...

Wow those are beautiful pictures of Katy! I love the '20s!

The Great Beadle said...

Well I only see 1 hair due that I might be able to pull off in this post. You on the other hand would look great in 20 style fashion.


Britt said...


Kira said...

I absolutely love 1920's style finger waves, but there is no way I could ever handle doing my hair like that. I am hair challenged.

Sandy a la Mode said...

love vintage inspired things!!

Faith said...

i love this era too! i would love to do my hair in that style! LOVE!

My Journey With Candida said...

The 20's style women always look so flawless to me. Not sure why that is. The hair is always just so.

Amber said...

I love this time period and the styles of that era are just gorgeous. Not to mention, how hot is leo?!?

Blaze said...

Love it! The 20's were so glamorous - I wish I could zip back in time and enjoy a cute dress and some jazz! :)

jennifer blair said...

love it! I love the hair and style from the 20's. I'm glad it's coming back! I love the glam.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I definitely could not pull off this look, but it sure does look fabulous!

Nnenna said...

I love the look of 20's wave hair- it's just so glam! =)

Ny. said...

YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 20's hair!
Ummm...there's a Leo G.G.?!?!? Or was that just a photo shoot?!?
Ps...I LOVE Katy's shoes in the second pic.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I couldn't agree more...the style is just so cool and the era was even cooler (c: I am so *STOKED* for the new Great Gatsby, it's one of my favorite books and I am equally as excited to feast my eyes on the sets and costumes. So um, yes, to answer your question, I would (c:

Punctuation Mark said...

i'd love to if i knew how to do it... haha!

Mae said...

I'm loving these looks! Perfectly glamorous!
hope you have a fabulous weekend