12 for 2012.

This year, for the first time in a loooooong time, I am making some resolutions. 
Nothing too hard. Nothing too unrealistic. 
Just 12 things I CAN do in 2012. 
Here we go:

Worry Less
Exodus 14:14....my favorite bible verse, and one I plan to always remember this year.

Be More Ladylike
I want painted nails and blowouts and click-clacky heels. I want to be part Audrey Hepburn, part Betty Draper. I want to have sultry sophistication. I want to be chic.

Be kind to strangers
I love random acts of kindness. They make me happy.

Watch less TV
I cherish the times that Hudson and I enjoy playing together with no distractions. Peace & quiet & baby giggles are good.

Read more
Winding down after a long day in the tub with a good book? That's my kind of relaxation.

Play the Piano
I used to be really good. Then, one day I became a teenager. And I hated practicing the instrument that I had been intimately acquainted with since kindergarten. Silly, teenager me. I'm going to get back on track and make beautiful music for my little guy, who loves to "play" and sing along with me. 

Create a Painting
No more excuses. I want to paint something that I've been thinking about for months. And  2012 is just the time to do it.

Exercise more
Hahaha. Who am I kidding? In order to exercise more, I would have to actively be exercising. Which I am not. So, what I mean to say is: I'm going to exercise.

Become less attached to my iPhone
It's really handy to have the world at your fingertips. But, there is also so much I am missing when I am looking down at my phone, rather than looking up at this big, beautiful world!

Have a dinner party
A real one. With fine china and a pretty tablescape and good company and delicious food and Frank Sinatra crooning in the background.

 Cook Better Meals
I love some easy pasta in a box, but my goodness, isn't it so much better when you create a special dish? I think I need to go cookbook shopping.

Focus on the Positive Things in Life
This will be the year of: family and hugs and love and positivity and celebrating happy things. Time to create my own wonderful reality...even if that means making a few changes. Starting now, I will choose my friends with caution. I'll plan my future with purpose. I'll frame my life with faith. And I'll smile alot. 

I can TOTALLY do this.
Bring it on, 2012.

p.s. What's one of your resolutions?


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Oh many of these are mine. 1,2,8, 9, 11, 12... So many! Best of luck to you (and myself) in these!

A Lost Feather said...

hehe i told myself i would "cook more" then realized i don't cook at all right now.. i could do with more exercise for sure though.. i'm not sure that once a month really does much haha

these sound like great goals. you can do it!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

LOVE this Ashley! Your blog rocks keep it up :) One of my goals for 2012 is too get more organized and not take life too seriously..thats two ;)

A New Years Baby said...

You have yourself a great doable little list there Swoop. As for myself. I need to exercise more. I need to learn to be more patient. Find more outdoor activities for our family to do together. Read more. I am sure there are a few you will ask for me to do.


Brooke said...

These are great! I especially love numbers 9 and 12. Spending less time online is one of my goals as well.

Best of luck!

Liz said...

Those are all so wonderful! Happy New Year!

Law Mama said...

So good! I need to organize my thoughts re resolutions, this is very inspiring (and visually stunning, BTW).

Alyssa said...

happy new year!! these are some great resolutions.. here's to a great 2012 :)

Gentri said...

Love this. I need to be better at each and every single item on your list. Love that verse btw!

Jackie said...

You have no idea how so many of these are on my new year's resolution as well. Let's keep each other motivated, shall we? ;) Happy new year!!

meghan said...

I love your goals, especially being more ladylike. I would like to wear makeup two days a week to get started, but painting my nails regularly would also be a good idea.

One of my goals for 2012 is to pay off my car!

jessi ♥ said...

I blogged about my big deal goals here: http://notesoflifeandlove.blogspot.com/2011/12/goals-for-new-year.html

And a lot of my "little goals" resemble yours! I want to get dressed/prettied up more, I want to be more domesticated (making our own snacks, making more yummy dinners, hosting parties etc). Even though I totally am all for guys doing stuff, I sort of like the idea of being a 50s housewife LOL! If only I could get away with that style too ;0). I'd love to wear high heels but I can't with my feet :0( so instead, I'll just rock cuter purses and bags LOL!

I want to read more, do more art projects with the kids, get outside more, go on more adventures.

Good luck to you (and me!) and Happy New Year!

P.S. I love your blog!!!

Susan said...

All of these are awesome! Steve and I have deiced we are going to have on unplugged weekend a month.... no phones, no computers, just family time...... I can't wait to see how this goes over with the teenager! Happy New Year, Ashely!

My Journey With Candida said...

You have some great resollutions and you portrayed them so nicely.

Happy 2012!!

Andrea said...

ahhh beautiful! Lovely goals, which will make your 2012 a year to remember! I am in the process of writing out my goals for the coming year and have quite a few similarities to yours.. particularily the ones about unplugging and being more focused on what's around me. I don't want to miss the important things!
Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. xoxo

Nicole said...

good stuffs lady!

especially painting and dinner parties.

doing more parties has been a resolution since i got married in june.


Anonymous said...

Love these, especially #1 & 8. And I can not wait to see what you paint. Painting, piano playing, you are one talented lady! :-)

jeannie said...

A beautiful list of resolutions and I know you can accomplish these. I miss hearing you play the piano, you were so sweet playing at your kindergarten graduation!! You are very talented in so many ways. Good luck and I know you can do it!!!

Julie Daines said...

Those are some great goals. You will be so happy if you keep up on piano! It's a great talent. And of course, I'm all about reading. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Such good goals! I would love to have a dinner party. One of my resolutions is to go to bed earlier!

The Gists said...

I think you have the right idea!

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Love your new years resolutions, mine are very similar actually! I would love if you'd check em out!!

Thank you for leaving that lovely comment on my blog by the way, made my day! Hope you visit again!

The Urban Umbrella

Shutterbug said...

i love how you illustrated your resolutions. i resolve to start another blog.

Kira said...

These are all great things that I need to do as well!

Amylou said...

I've been kinda down and not wanting to create a goal list, but yours was so encouraging. Thanks for sharing and I bet you will do amazing!
Happy New Year, Ashley!

Amber said...

I hope to get some painting done this year too! Best of luck with all your goals.

Natalie said...

Looks like a good list! Less time online and in a more concentrated fashion is a big one for me too. And dinner parties, oh dinner parties - awesome :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I absolutely love this list! You will do great, lady!

Chelsea D said...

These are great, attainable goals! Good luck with them. I've made my own list too and one I choose was: I will not stare at my computer just because I don't have anything worthwhile to do.


Meri said...

My favorite part about the new year is all of the mindfulness and good intention people put into their lives. And my favorite part of this post is the Gatsby poster!

Shea said...

These are great resolutions, and I love the gorgeous way you displayed them. I need to adopt the "worry less" resolution--that's definitely something I spend too much time doing.

misc.alaina said...

These are great resolutions - all simple and totally attainable! I like the hosting a dinner party one, and less television and phone. I haven't actually written out my resolutions yet, but I really want to learn how to really wear make up so people can tell I have it on - ha!

Megan said...

This is a beautiful resolution post! I love the "Unplug and go outside" print especially. Also, I would love to go to a dinner party (or host!) like the one you described. Sounds perfect.

One of my biggest resolutions is to live more in the now instead of pushing things off until later. I'm awful at that.

jessica said...

This is by far the best list I have seen! Probably because I was reading I kept going, "Yep, I want to do that. Oh, want to do that one, too. And that."

Love it. Happy 2012.

Mrs.S said...

I love your blog & every single one of those resolutions, especially the 1st one, Im so with you..
Check out my blog as well..


Inga said...

Great list, and of course you can do this :) My heart actually stopped for a second at one point... Julia Child didn´t start cooking until she was 37??!! I can totally do this too!

Good luck :)

Inga said...

Great list, and of course you can do this :) My heart actually stopped for a second at one point... Julia Child didn´t start cooking until she was 37??!! I can totally do this too!

Good luck :)

Haley K said...

i love that you prefaced those fantastic goals with saying you wanted them to be realistic :) You already seem great at all of them!! but wanting to improve is a wonderful quality. And may I just say you've most definitely mastered being kind to strangers :)

I absolutely love that you want to watch less TV, read more, create a painting, cook better meals, and think more positively...AMEN sister! *cheers* to an incredible year!


Shelby said...

Be sure to check out my most recent post.. you're featured in it!:)

Shelby xoxo

Judy said...

I LOVE it! I'm really excited to see how your dinner party turns out!

Claire said...

these are great! i would like to just be a better mom, daughter and wife! i love that verse from Exodus. i wish i was still more. i definitely could use more sleep too! i love that you wanna watch less TV and read more.


Charissa Steyn said...

i just found your blog today:) love your resolutions!! i share some of the same- playing piano, worrying less, reading, cooking!! I loved all the quotes you had too- so precious and inspiring :)

Jennifer said...

Love your 12 Ashley!!! Especially 2,4,5,8 & 11! By the way, if you're interested I can help you on the cooking! I LOVE to cook...by no means am I a chef but I have a few wonderful cook book suggestions that do a great job helping out those who barely know how to fry an egg...then it goes on to how to poach an egg (eek)! See you soon! And call me or msg me if you are intersted!

Amanda said...

Love all of your resolutions! I have some similar goals for the year :) Happy New Year!

Ny. said...

Your 12 is FREAKIN' AWESOME! I feel like a 12 year old saying that, but that's how I feel about them...so good. I"m trying to do a project 365 via blog...hope I can keep it up!

Happy happy 2012 love.

Courtney said...

Wow! This post is amazing...I LOVE the way you illustrated your words. Gorgeous and super inspiring! Love your blog. - newest follower :)

Chelsea said...

awesome goals! I gave up on cookbooks and just refer to some trusted cooking blogs now. I love your goal to be more ladylike too! Best wishes for 2012!

Ashley Eliza said...

such great goals ashley! i love the dinner party one, that will be so fun. 2012 is going to be a great year. can i please be invited to your dinner party !? he he. and i too want to take up the piano. i have nothing to prove of my 6 years of lessons.. and it makes me sad. you got this girl! happy 2012!


Janette said...

Some superrrr great resolutions Ash! I totally want to be more ladylike too! Oh yeah..and my iPhone has been super distracting since I got it.. No more! Keep us posted on how you do!

Janette the Jongleur

fifth floor apartment said...

cooking better meals is on my list too. a girl can only live on frozen organic burritos for so long :)

xo alison

Laura Nelson said...

These are so great! I have a lot of similar ones :) I love that first set with the verse, love love it! :)

Cara-Mia said...

Great goals! One of mine is to be a good wife starting next month. ;)